Should I take my daughter to see as specialist for her bad barky cough?

Jenn - posted on 07/13/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have a 9 year old who has suffered with this disturbing barky croupy cough everytime she gets sick. Her ped gives her prednisone which has stop working. She was given an inhaler which also dosent work. We have tried humidifiers and home remedies and nothing seems to shake her cough. She recently broke a blood vessel in her throat from coughing so hard. Her ped says "thats just her". She doesnt sleep at night. Although she feel fine. When ever she goes to dance and school, everyone stares at her and wonders why I sent her to dance and school like this. I am at my wits end and I cant keep her home for 3 weeks everytime she gets a cold. Am I stupid for taking her to see an ENT even though her ped didnt refer us? Someone help??

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Christine - posted on 11/13/2009




My 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with asthma last year no one could figure out why she had the bad cough, so I took her a speacialist and found out that her allergies had gotten worse we moved to the country from the city and that is was asthma, she is on singalar everynight at 10 mg, and has to have water with her at all times. It was outside activities and playground at school and when she was feeling bad she has this cough , so I had her tested. Some of my friends will let me hear there kids when they have that cough all I say is have them tested for asthma , best thing you can ever do for your child . She has two seperate inhalers as well as needed and the breathing tube see how her peak flow is ,and three different numbers to see where she breaths too. Once you find out what is wrong then you can tackle the problem and everyone is happy. We were also told it is heritary jkust like allergies.

Kathy - posted on 09/14/2009




has she seen an allergist to rule out asthma? sounds like maybe cough variant asthma . my son has it and i am also an asthma nurse for 15 yrs. ent not a bad thought either vocal cord disfunction ,laryngomalsia certainly should be looked into. hope you get some help .

Sajitha - posted on 08/13/2009




Trust ur instincts Gurl, docs r not always right. Take her 2 a specialist ASAP. Once u know if there's anything 2 b worried about, u can b at peace & take care of it too. Also, something u can do, hug and touch her a lot, give her a lot of positive encouragement and appreciation (wl boost her resistance). Chk out a few breathing exercises she can do (yoga ones), shud help her a lot and build up her resistance. Keep telling her that her body is the best engineering miracle of life and that it can repair itself. Ask her 2 encourage her body 2 get well and praise it :) gud luck! the attacks shud come down.

Heather - posted on 07/24/2009




NO something is going on. Dont back down!! My 9 yr old son also had the same barky croupy cough (Especially bad in the winter). He was diagnosed with asthma a few months ago. So far I have not heard any of the cough since he has been on meds. He takes Singulair for his allergies and has two separate inhalers. His asthma is now under control. Keep pursuing for answers for your daughter. Hope everything turns out well!

Rabecca - posted on 07/15/2009




no your not stupid thats just her is not an answer my husband is a respitory theripist and we had kind of like the same issue my son would get colds like all kids but his cough wouldreally last 6 months and would never seem to sound better and my husband who yes I trust his oppion but I woul djust listen to his doctor until he ( my husband ) convinced me why it took so long well I thought he was just being a parent which is different from being a theripist but anyway once he was like we need to go to a specalist I was hit that it could be serious if he was that concered well luclkiy it was serious but not as bad as I imagined he has an allergey onset ashma that was being irritated by the colds and congestion so it was just this never ending cycle once the cold was over allergeys we still there it was a terrible cough and he just looked tired all the time but once we knew hat was going on we could treat it better and got the cold cleared up enough allergy meds in him to hold that off and he did get betterand has seem to not be having as many issues with the two things feeding off eachother anymore so I would say get her checked out better to know whats going on so you can take an approach to get her better

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