Mothers of Grown Children/Grandmothers

I am the mother of three grown children,both of my girls are married and have two children of there own,my son is in college and a little unsure of what direction he wants to go as far as a career is concerned (but hopefully will figure it out).I was married right out of high school and along came the children soon after,I think more or less my children and I grew up together,learning from each other as we went along. I am a Grandmother now at age forty-three and have four wonderful grandchildren. I have been a Mother,a Daughter,a Sister,an Aunt,and a Friend, and now I'm a Grandmother and very proud of it..We as women wear many different hats in life,some of which aren't always easy ..If you have any comments about the joys of being a Grandmother,they are welcome..


Hi Gals

Hi, I'm new here! I'm a mother of 5 fully grown kids and have 8 grandkids aging between 2 - 15! Can be tiring at times, lol! Anyway thought I'd say hi and introduce myself.


Brand new Grandma here!

Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm excited to be a new grandmother (10 days ago) of a precious baby girl. Motherhood came natural, I expect grandmotherhood will as well?...


keeping nuetral

I struggle with keeping nuetral when my grown children call with problems. I don't want to preach and make-up their minds for them. But, I like them including me in their...


Thank You!!!

I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed reading the stories that have been posted to Mother Of Grown Children/Grandmothers.It is nice to know that there are so many women in...



i know that i feel my children's hurt even if they don't ... i know that i always want to take the responsibility for their mistakes, knowing full well i cannot. it doesn't...


washing dolls

Today as I was cleaning in the storage room, I came across my girls Cabbage Patch kids. They of course are dirty, just lying around our there. Has anyone ever watched one of...


First Christmas

I have 2 grandsons ages 11months and 4 months. We just had their pics taken today and love how totally adorable they are! Did we ever have any idea how much fun these babies...



Hi I,m new to face book but not to motherhood I have 5 grown children 4 girls 1 boy and am a nan at the young age of 51 to 11 6 boys and 5 girls. I just thought I would say Hi...