Do we really know our children like we think we do?

Titobia - posted on 02/04/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




An adult said my son cursed her out but am thinking she's lying on him but what if he did & figure he could get away with it!


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I would ask him about it in a very not confrontational way. Just ask him to tell you his side of the story w/o giving him any details from her side.
Just tell him : I know you had a conversation w/ so&so last week. She said there was some conflict. Can you tell me what happened?
He could have been responding to something inappropriate that she said to him (and cursing her out was obviously equally inappropriate) but if you don't consider his side, he will just think you don't value it or don't trust him. You can then go one to explain that it was inappropriate, but you understand his motives, then teach him the more appropriate way to react.

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how old is ur son? id like to answer u, but i think its matter how old he is before i open my big mouth... haha

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