How do you make a schedule for a three year old to do more with his time?

Natasha - posted on 10/02/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I want to make a schedule for my son so that he can do more and more productive things with his time.


Carolyn - posted on 10/02/2009




My son is 6 and having an only child can definitely be a challenge in this area because they don't have any built in friends (siblings) to play with.... what you do it totally up to YOU and what your goals are, etc. My son was enrolled in mommy-day-out programs for 5 hours 2-3 days per week and then when it was time he went to pre-k 3 for three days a week /three hours a day.... but then I took him out of school because I decided to homeschool him. Now that he is 6, it is actually easier in some ways - we can talk about things he wants to do, but it also can be more difficult.... during the day, there are no children his age to play with at the park, so must be vigilant about setting up play dates. I miss the days when he was 3 and we could pack a picnic lunch and just go to our neighborhood park and there would be other kids for him to play with his age! Now he feels weird at the park when his friends aren't there to play with.

Around here (Central Florida) there are numerous parks, programs through the county and the city, plenty of enhancement programs, like the Young Chef Academy, or art classes for preschoolers in the middle of the day and that's a great place to meet other moms and children your child's age. I'm really lucky to have all these resources around me. Also, when my son was younger, we did a Kindermusic class, and also Gymboree classes which he loved. It doesn't have to cost alot, and the real key is to meet up with other moms with children your child's age... the real gem is when you and your child like BOTH the mom and the other child. That's truly a match made in heaven. Hang in there. Oh, and the other really important thing for me was: being ok with "just hanging out!" I realized my son's favorite time was when I was on the floor with him quietly playing a game or making a mess with playdough! They just want our time... It was hardest for me to just be ok with "doing nothing".... It actually is SOMEthing, but it has been hard for me to settle down and be ok when I'm not moving around the house or driving somewhere or meeting someone.

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