my 3 month old hates car rides he screams from the time i buckle him in to the time i take him out


Tamecca - posted on 04/16/2012




My 3month old hate car rides he has a toy that hanged over his car seat that plays music and he still screams the whole way nothing is working even if I sit in the back with him what can I do help

Kaja - posted on 05/28/2013




We have an iPad we use in the car and attached it like a DVD player. Instead of playing DVDs I had family members record themselves singing nursery songs and I put all the videos together with iMovie and made a long movie of everyone singing. He loves it!! Giggles and smiles the entire time. Loves mom and dads songs the best. We also recorded my husband and I making funny faces he loves that too.

Jamie - posted on 01/07/2010




my daughter was like that for a while, i tried EVERYTHING! then i figured out she was bored. i bought her a toy that straps right to the carseat across both sides so it kinda hangs in front of her, it lights up and sings and stuff, ever since i bought it she is fine! she just had nothing to do and got mad! give that a try!

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Dawn - posted on 07/09/2013




I had a neice like that and as soon as she was able to be turned around and facing forward, she screamed. Once she faced forward, she was great!! It was because she couldn't see what was going on and she is the type of kid that needs to know. She was more stimulated that way. Good luck.

Sharita - posted on 01/17/2010




I eceived a little activities sheet from my son's daycare about a week ago and never looked at it. When I was about to throw it away, I decided to look it over and it had some great ideas on it. One was about car ridding. It said to make it interesting for your kid. Try and pick out different colors of cars as they pass, observe nature by counting each tree or sing fun 'car' songs. Now I had never tried any of these things, I just always had snacks, juice and good music. That worked for me, but maybe the other ideas will work for you. Good Luck.

Francesca - posted on 01/08/2010




Ah, I hate that. I know exactly how you feel. I My daughter is eight months and she still does it. It is completely disheartening to hear your baby cry. We have bought three different types of car seats. I have sat with her in the back while Dh drives. I have tried bribing her with cookies or a fun new toy. Sometimes one of the Elvis CDs works. But most of the time I sit there and singing out loud. Mostly for my own sanity, but secretly hoping she will babble on as she will when I sing in the house.

Some people try to tell me to switch her to forward facing, but its not safe. She is not 1 year old yet and even then they say its safest for rear facing until two...its not worth the risk. I just have to remind myself that we all have to do things we don't like to do, like booster shots...

I hope your little one doesn't turn out like mine. Good Luck!

Leah - posted on 01/06/2010




oh god my daughter screamed every time we went ANYWHERE until about 8 months. we could distract her, and usually she went to sleep after a bit, but needless to say i sat in the backseat A LOT lol.

Maura - posted on 01/06/2010




Okay, from what i have read and exprienced there are two different possibilities here. One is that he is uncomfortable, possible too tight or the angle is wrong. The other, which applied to my daughter, is that he is car sick. Car sickness is far more common than many people realize and can be severe. Try to notice if it happens at curves. We had curves five minutes from the house and she would start screaming, also only a small baby. Car sickness can run in the family or not, it can come and go, it can be grown out of or not, it can come back. It runs in my family. How to ease car sickness: don't let the car get stuffy or too hot. A cool breeze (ie. an open window) helps. No Mario Andretti driving, especially around the curves. It always happened more when my husband drove than me (I drive slower and more considerate of the passengers). The fact that he screams before you drive might just be a sign of intelligence, that he is anticipating the car sickness (my cat was the same). The good news is that they usually grow out of it (although later back into it) in a couple of months. Will try to think of more advice 4 u. Good luck, neither u nor the baby are imaging this.

Alisha - posted on 01/06/2010




That sounds like a stressful car ride for mom and anyone else trapped in the car with you! Before you go out to the car rock your baby in the carseat for 10-15 minutes so he gets used to being in there. It may take awhile but your baby will learn that this is what happens when you have to go somewhere, and he will get used to it just keep talking and singing and doing anything you can! If another person is riding with you have them sit back there by him it will get better!

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