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I am a mother of a wonderful 7 yr old boy. I had to have a hystorectomy in 2005. I was 27 yrs old. I have not once regreted the decision to have it done. God blessed me with my son. I was separated from my husband when i had the surgery. Of course i am now divorced and remarried. My ex and I have made a strong effort to make sure our son knows he has a united family. This was not always easy for us but it was important for our son. We are great parents. Many times in divorce parents get so wrapped up in their feelings for each other they for get how their actions effect the children. It takes a lot of self control to direct your feelings where they should go and not force yours on your child. I have been divorced from my son's father for 4 yrs now. You would never know that he has been through so much because my ex and I kept our divorce between us. I have one of the most amazing son because of this. He has never had to question his place in his parents lives. It is never the childs fault. Hope this can help someone in a similar situation. Always put your child first! I love being the parent of an only child I wouldn't have it any other way even if i could have more dont think i would.


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Same kind of situation with us my sons father left me when I was 7 months was heartbreaking but I was so blessed with my son that alot of the hurt was put aside because I has this amazing child that I needed to be there for I knew I would never bring man into my sons life that would walk out on us again so I didnt date for four years just focused on being a good mom . By then my son dad had all but dropped off the face of the earth besides for if I paid for a plane ticket and went along to make sure the baby was taken care of during his visit. Beyond all of that I would tell my son that no matter what he did have two parents who love him and even if he does not have a everyday dad he loves him and just not completly ready to grow up and be a dad and lives to far away to see him that often and really that has always satified him most of the hurt was always on my part not my sons to him seeing his dad was like seeing a friendly uncle not all that important but mostly fun. After living with a blended family myself there was never any exceptance at all by my stepdads family and would never put my child through that .I have to say that I did'nt think there were really men out ther that could love my son like thier very own and I was happlily proven wrong my now husband truly loves my son and does does everything in his power to show us everyday that he is his dad in every way that really matters he shows him how to become a man and how men should protect and love thier wives.My husband tells me everyday hope I am always there for him and that he never thinks that I dont love him as much as I would my own biological kids because that would kill me I know even if I was not the man who helped bring him into this world I am the man who was ment to raise him and really I know that is Gods truth they are so close and so much alike that there is no was that they were not ment to be together just as much as I was ment to love this man for the rest of my life. And you would think that when he cries he asks for me but he just says I just need to talk to my dad and that makes my heart burst with love for that man who has become so much to both of us because I set my sights on finding a man that is a real man and would not settle because I was lonely and tried of carring the load alone but because I had my son best intrest at heart I think we were both very blessed

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