Separation Anxiety w/ Child

Alexa - posted on 05/15/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Is anyone dealing with or have dealt with separation anxiety? If so please give advice about how to ease separation anxiety. I have a 2 yr old toddler she will soon be 3 in Aug and no matter when and where i go she goes into this stage. I do not leave her with strangers only family members she has known her whole life. She will be all ready to go see them and spend time all smiles. I will tell her the day before she goes and remind her while we are in the car that that is where we are going and i will be leaving and that is fine with her as well- but as soon as we get there and i say "I am going bye-bye will be back soon-give me kisses" she freaks and clings onto my leg. Will lay out on floor and kick and scream. Nothing distracts her she screams really loud. I understand she is spoiled my doing but this is outrageous and wondering how long this phase lasts or what i need to do to cut it.

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Tyneisha - posted on 05/18/2010




It's something that you'll have to break. She has to feel that she's safe when you're gone and that you will come back. You can start by helping her interact with the person you want her to stay with while you are present. Do this for a couple of days. just visit together and not leave her. She'll get accustomed to being around this person. Then begin to leave her alone there for maybe 10 or so minutes at a time. It's tedious, but if you ever want her to learn, you have to. She'll throw a fit, but she'll learn that you will come back. Tell her that you will and come back at the time you say. With each day, slowly increase the time that you are away and she'll adjust.

Janice - posted on 05/15/2010




I'm sure it is just a phase. You could try leaving your daughter with something that is yours - maybe a photo or a scarf, etc.

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