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Ellen - posted on 05/29/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




When is the appropriate age to allow your only girl for a sleepover?
My 10 year old daughter went camping with her best friends' family for 5 days - it's her first time but she's been sleeping over @ their house since she was in 3rd grade(8 years old). We are close friends with her friend's parents and her friend has been sleeping over @ our home too. But sometimes I feel like I wanted her to limit her sleepovers now that she's growing up close to puberty. Any moms' feedback to this kind of situation?


Lauren - posted on 05/31/2010




I think since you have already alowed it it would be difficult to stop now. As long as you know the parents and family well and trust them then I thinkthere shouldnt be a problem. As your daughter starts to get older when she says she is going to sleep at their house check with the parents, im not saying you have an untrust worthy daughter but girls will come up with ''cover stories''. Also since you are already friendly with the parents discuss what you feel is acceptable and unaaceptable for your daughter to take part in so that you are all reading from the same page. Just because she is out of your home doesnt mean you cant make the rules still. Such as do you want her going out past a certain time unsupervised? Do the parents always wait up for them to be home (as they get older)? If anyone else sleeps over will you be made aware? Is there any regulation on internet access after a certain time? Controll over what movies are watched and that sort of thing. I think as long as you comunicate you can relax. Always trust your motherly instincts on whats okay, if you are uncomfortable say no!! x

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