Will my child have to repeat 1st grade in another state?

Anna - posted on 05/26/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




MY 6 year old daughter just completed 1st grade in an Arizona public school where she received all A's all year. She entered school a year early based on testing and approval by the school system. We are preparing to move to Idaho and I fear she may have to repeat 1st grade simply based on her age. She is a very smart little girl (I believe she's gifted though she's never had her IQ tested for giftedness). She reads at a late 3rd grade level and is able to do simple multiplying in her head. Any advice or suggestions on what to do when I go to enroll her in an Idaho school?

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Alicia - posted on 06/02/2010




If at all possible call the school system in your new area and set up an appointment to discuss your daughter's academic records. Most school districts will treat her as a transfer--especially since she has already completed 1st grade--and with all A's. Good luck

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I am sorry I am late on responding to your thread. I am an Arizona teacher and I exclusively worked with the gifted students for the past 4 school years. Please gather up all of the documentation you have for your daughter from her cumulative folder. As long as she successfully completed 1st grade and there are test scores & grades to support that, then there is no reason at all to retain her due to age. That would be a huge disservice to have a child repeat curriculum in which she excelled. Is she a mature 6 year old? Able to handle older conversations and is comfortable with older children? It sounds like her academic age does not match her chronological age-something that the educational psychologists refer to as "assynchronous development"-something to google and read up on. As a parent, you are always welcome to have your child independently evaluated by an educational child psychologist. But those evaluations can cost several hundred dollars. However, the test results are more defined and detailed on your child's true academic and intelligence. Best of luck to you!

Reynelle - posted on 05/26/2010




You shouldn't worry about her repeating the 1st grade. By your comment, she has done exceptionally well and will be promoted to the 2nd grade. Just make sure that you call ahead to the new school as soon as possible so that you can get her registered and have her records transferred. And by all means have her tested for the gifted programs if they start them that early in your new district. I wish you and your daughter well.

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