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Bobbi - posted on 11/29/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 10 and has CP. She cant walk or talk and has limited use of her left hand.The school she attends doesn't understand why she gets so fustrated and isn't interested in the preschool type activities they are doing with her. I tried to explain to them she understands things just can't speak what she really does know.

I have asked them to step up there level of education with her to where she is learning more them shapes and colors. She is literaly bord to tears. I would like to see if anyone out there knows of web sites or catalog numbers that have advace technology that could possibly help her communicate with those that can't read her as well as I do.

I have seen people wear caps that pick up brain waves and people can learn how to move a curser on a computor screen to answer yes or no. Im excited it's out there but don't know how to get my daughter somthing like that. I think it would make her life alot less fustrating. Someone please help!!

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Bobbi - posted on 11/30/2009




I have tried signing with her when she was smaller and it felt like a break threw then she had a stroke at age 3 and it wiped out her domiante hand as well as the little bit of mobility and life skills she had. so we where moving forward with sitting,crawling, eating,walking with asst,and a couple words then we where shoved in reverse with all the accomplishments never to return. She now can only lift her elbow and grasp a magazine lightly with her left hand. But she is still a rotten turd with a great personality about life :) I just want to help her so bad.. Thanks for your sugestions

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Hello Bobbi,

My son is 10 and he has spina bifida. He can't walk or talk either. We are currently using sign language with him. I found "Baby Signing Time" for him, it is great. The program has several flash cards, a dvd, and a music cd with kid songs on it. We also use a communication board called the "Cheap Talk 8" this was through his doctor and speech therapist. This is basically a board that sits on his desktop and there are 8 buttons with different pictures on them. You can record your voice to each picture and when the button is pushed your child "talks" this has been very helpful to other caregivers who don't know what he wants like we do. I agree it is so frustrating when you know your child knows more than the same preschool stuff, but can't tell people how much he really knows. Yes, the use of computers is great with special needs children. My son has a touch screen computer that we use everyday . He does GREAT with it!!! Everyone was truly amazed at how much he is able to do on it! We have several educational programs that came with it for him, and I was even surprised at how much he could do!!! It took us about one year to get everything approved for him through his physician, therapist, and insurance company but it was well worh it!! I hope this helps a little, if I can any at all please let me know!

Kaye - posted on 11/29/2009




Have you tried sign language? That is what we are trying at the momentand are hoping that with repitition she maybe able to communicate. So far it's not to successful bgut its still early. My daughter also has cp she can hear fine just the no talking thing as well as other issues. The computer thing you're talking about in New Zealand is partly funded by the hospital but I'm not sure about how it is for you there, you'd have to ask your doctor or something they should know. Hope this helps.

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