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What chores do your teens do?

Denise - posted on 02/19/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I have 3 boys. I am trying to get them back to doing household chores...what do your kids do? Boys or girls? BTW they are 12,13 and 14!


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Clean their rooms, take garbage out, dishes, vacuum, help with their nephew, and help take care of the pets. We have three teenagers in the house also and they take turns with the garbage, dishes, vacuum, their nephew, and the pets. We do expect their rooms clean weekly and they do help the 4 and half clean his. Their ages are 15 girl, 17 boy, 18 girl. It has been this way for 4 years now.

Keri - posted on 03/06/2010




I have two children, one boy who is 14, and a girl who is 15. They have daily chores. Andrew unloads the dishwasher, reloads it, puts dishes away, takes out the trash. On the weekends he vacuums and dusts one living room (we have two), he cleans the bathroom (tub, sink, toilet, mirrors, counters), makes sure his room is clean(make the bed, change bed sheets, dust, put away clothes). Krystin takes care of the dogs daily (feeding and watering), and she sets the dinner table, clears it and takes care of anything that is leftover. On the weekends she goes through the fridge and takes leftovers to the dogs if there is any, she cleans the kitchen, sweeps and mops the kitchen, halls and bathrooms, and she vacuums and dusts the other living room. She also puts away her clothes and keeps her room clean. She occasionally will help with laundry when the mood hits her.

I know that might sound like a lot but if they were out living on their own (which they might be in a few years) they would have to do all of it on their own. I clean throughout the week and I try and keep the laundry done (I work outside the home as no I am not a lazy person).

My kids have had chores for years. Once they were old enough to see over the table I had to start out with small things. And sometimes they will hand wash the dishes (that is if they do something that they shouldn' a punishment....they both hate it as it cuts into their free time). Just have to check behind them when they do sometimes they don't do the greatest job.

Andrew will also help out by fixing something or going into the attic and get something if I need him to.

Francine - posted on 10/05/2010




Well, I feel picking up after themselves are definitely a life chore. My daughter is 13 now and she enjoy helping out with making meals, dinner or breakfast. But hates doing dishes and cleaning her room. I expect at that age, they can do dishes, take rubbish out, pick up there rooms weekly and so forth. But unlike my husband, who says she should do everything...I say we all are a part of the household, so pick up after yourselves, and we all have our chores on a weekly basis, it changes and sometimes, love come in and a helping hand takes your chore over, after the teenager has already done theirs. For us, that is what has started to happen. I guess after a while they seem to realize the parents go to work, do chores, take care of there needs still and most of all still have energy to do quality time when all is done! such as watch a movie, go outside and play ( we got a big trampoline, bikes, etc. . .) Or they have their free time to spend as they please. I found that lots of praise and love in return even though they ack like they don't like helps. Some rewards help as well. Rewards for my family is something to buy, something to do, or a privilege. hope that helps.

Bev - posted on 04/17/2010




four kids in our home, i have a list of chores stuck to a cuboard door with how much they can earn doing certain chores, ie bring in washing 50p, hoover living room 50p, clean bathroom £1, then theres a chart in which to kids can write down how much they have earnt, if they dont do any chores then theres no pocket money for sweets ect, sometimes they`ll earn upto £5 which gets paid at the end of they week........ x

Coline - posted on 02/23/2010




I am a single mom and I work two job and many hours to keep our house running. I have three boys also, twins ages 15 and an almost 11 y.o. My twins do the bulk of the chores, but I have taught them from an early age how to be self sufficient. They know how to cook, do dishes, laundry (wash, dry, fold and put away), vacuum, dust, help clean the bathrooms when needed, take out the trash, sweep the floors, take care of the pets, and in general I am always after them to pick up after themselves. These are lifeskills that they will take with them and use forever.

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Cyndi - posted on 06/10/2011




Our 3 boys have a routine. They clean their rooms, clean their bathroom (it's their mess) weekly and alternate weekly with dishwashing duties, pet duties and table setting duties. Two are young adults now and still help out when they are here.

Shirley - posted on 08/15/2010




my 15 year old does, the supper dishes, and clean his room everyday, 12yr cleans the stair case, and his room, 11yr puts supper dishes away and clean his room, my daughter whos 10, has to keep her room clean daily as i have a 23mth and 4yr old, and they always mess up the bedroom....

Patricia - posted on 02/21/2010




Chores are meant to teach children to be responsible... there are not laboring...for starters taking responsibility for the space they dwell their own rooms and helping out where you know they can help fix things from theirs to around the house. There is no distinction between boys or girls when it comes to taking responsibility... I call it survival skills...

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