Mothers who have lost children

Mothers who have lost children whether through illness, disease, accidents, or other means. This is just a place to share our grief, our stories, and most of all our beautiful children. God can heal your wounds of grief. He is the reason I made it through my daughter's death. I know I will see her again in Heaven.


My sweet Liam

My son Liam passed away 13 days ago to be exact. I am a mess. I am completely lost and feel I have no purpose in life. He was my only child. He died of sudden cardiac arrest or...


My daughter was killed

She was crossing at 2nd and main. Only 1 block from her new job at Humana ! Was hit by a cement truck and drug 300 yds up the 2nd street bridge. She was doing nothing wrong....


Lost daughter at 13 in 2013

Well sometimes it feels like I have reasoned Sasha-Lee's death. I understand why. My mind tells me that. It is all logical and yet it is not. My heart is a different story. Do...


I lost my twins when I was 17

I am 23 now and I feel myself struggling more than I ever have with the grief and loss of my twin boys Nathan and Aiden. At the time, I became numb and almost felt like I needed...


the lost of my son

I lost my 25 son on September 24th 2011 i still feel like I'm losing my mind. I'm so glad I found this site because I was feeling so alone!!!!and until you go through it is so...