Mothers with 3 Children

Open to any and all mothers who happen to have 3 kids of any age.


Birth Control

I am definitely going to need to get on some form of birth control, because my husband and I both are done. We have 2 daughters and we just had our it's safe to say...


5 year old still in terrible twos?

I've heard of the terrible twos, and done been there done that three times...but with my middle son, 5 yrs old, he never outgrew them and is getting more and more out of contol...


3 kids under age 4

hey everyone im 21 soon to be 22 i have 3 kids alexiss(3) mtchel(2) and aaralyn (16months). im new here looking for new mommies to talk to and share expericences with, feel free...


How do you fit 3 in the back seat?

I drive a Subaru Outback 06, and am expecting my 3rd. I have a 1 and 4 year old already, so no one is graduating from car seats any time soon. I am wondering how all of you fit...


What's it like?!

I have 2 children, possibly one on the way so i'm wondering what it's like with 3 kids. What's it like financially? What do you do with your children all day long? Thanks!


Welcome :)

Welcome to the group!! My name is Jennifer and I am the mother of 3 beautiful boys. Johnathan is 6, William is 3 and Robbie is 4 months.


How do you feel about porn???

Hey everyone, I am not looking for judgement or anything of the sort, I already feel a little weird about this. This morning I came downstairs when I woke up, turned my...


What to get my 2 month old for Christmas?

I have a 6yr old, a 16month old and a 5week old(2month by Christmas). I plan on getting a few things for my new baby for Christmas, only because my 6yr old will wonder why Santa...



Does anyone have any suggestions on dealing with a middle child who is acting up (and out) ever since his baby brother came home. My 3 year old has become a nightmare child...


3 Kids Under Age 3! I

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I am a devoted nanny to a special needs little boy (2 & 1/2) and his younger brother (6 months). I adore the boys and we keep very busy!...


Too Many?

I was just wondering if some of you experienced the same response that I got when my husband and I decided we would like to try and have a third. I got responses like, "How...


Help with baby girl name

This is our 3rd girl Due March 15 2011. Please vote for the name you like best! Thanks



Hi. My name is Lindsey. I'm happily married and for the time being a stay-at-home mom of a 4 year old boy, Mason; 3 year old boy, Caiden; and 4 month old daughter, Abigail. I...