Are all men like this is did I pick a bad again?

Barb - posted on 02/21/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




We aren't married yet first of all common law. Way too scared to get married,but woopsie I am pregnant by the guy. He says a lot of things and done thinfgs that have concerned me leaving me woundering if this is going be over a little while after the baby gets her. He did try to cheat on me before we found out about the baby. Thank god it never happend or I'd be a single mom once again. He is obessed with sex self gradification. My spelling stinks. The other night he said guys can't help it they see a hot women and want to have sex with them. He said I think the same way anytime I see a girl I have ever had feels for and he's had feelings for a lot of our friends and people he's still friends will. His ex or something like that is getting married and she wants us to go to the wedding he said I probably will even think about wanting to have sex with her on her wedding day. Are all guys like this? I didn't think so, but he is telling me all guys are like this they can help thinking about it, but he never would. (Even though he tried once.)


Happy - posted on 05/12/2012




Woopsies? WTH do you mean woopsies? You didn't just spill some juice you have created a life that is dependent on it's mother to make choices that are best for his life! And you say woopsies I got pregnant by a cheating, lying, dirt bag? Really?

I know that some may think I am being mean but WOW! You need to grow up! NOW!


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Blaaaaah - posted on 05/12/2012




Giiiiiiirl he is only trying to justify his problem with excuses believe me I know exactly wut ur going through. No it is not normal and the best thing for u to do is put ur foot down and give him a reality check. No matter how mad it makes him to hear the truth he needs to hear it. He needs to be told outright that what he is doing is wrong and not healthy for either of u!!!! Put ur foot down girl and stand up for urself!!!

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