How do i make my husband realize what i need!?

Brittney - posted on 11/21/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have been down this road for an awful long time, and i feel that i have done all that i can do to let my husband know that i need his help! We have two young girls together, and we both work full time. We have been married for almost 2 years now, but we had our oldest daughter who is now 4 when we were in our senior year of high school. Our youngest daughter is now 9 months old.
We own our home, and it comes with the usualy upkeep and chores, but i feel like most often it is up to me to get anything done. i do the dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, running the girls around, errands, bills, cleaning the house, feeding both children, ect. I have to beg for his help, and he always gets mad, says i'm b*tching, and it always ends in a fight. He is often doing whatever he wants to do, such as stuff in his garage, watching a movie in our room alone, while im downstairs with the kids, or playing some video game. I know that he sees me constantly running around with stuff to do, but he very seldom offers to help. Needless to say, i am stressed out, and i am resentful of him. I feel like i have no patience for that stuff, and i feel like a single mom with 3 kids, instead of 2! It shouldnt be like this, and i know that most relationships are not like this. So either he changes, or i leave; thats really where i feel like i am right now. i just cant handle it anymore!


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Amira - posted on 12/10/2013




Hello.... Well right now I'm in this same perdictiment.. Guys always think that all of these thing such as taking care of the kids.. Running errands... Cooking cleaning.. Helping the kids with there home wrk... Giving the kids there bath... Giving all three your attention.. I mean its a lot and it also at the end of the night tired some your hung over..smh they think its out responsiblities as a mom and a wife.But he doesn't realize that unless he
actually experience full blast. I know sometimes it can get tiresome but you have to sit hunnie down in let him know that your tired and sometimes you need a break..just look at it like this MEN could never be able to handle what we do on a daily bases!.. They will BREAK that's why they let us handle everything. They will

never be able to say BAB I CAN'T DO THIS it's a ego thing so instead they pic arguments in tell you stop complaining....when he know damn well
he would never b able to take care of everything you do on a daily bases... But I really feel your pain.. But you really need to sit Hubbie down in let him know that your getting tired in he should help out if not do what's best for you dear.

Nayuribe - posted on 11/26/2011




well, i can't give you any advice, but i can tell you i know exactly how you feel, i also have 2 girls, 5 and 2.5. difference is i work at home, i'm a SAHM, and i hate when my bf is around, i feel like i'm always waiting for him to leave for work. when he's home he says "stop, just stop for 5 mins, come sit with me", 10 minutes later he shouting "why the hell is it so messy? why haven't the girls picked up their toys?!" and i say "well, that's what happens when mommy takes a 5 min brake!!" i tell him i need a day off, he says ok, "what do you want to do?" then when i say i want to go out with out the girls or him, to just have a day for myself, he gets mad. and me having a job with no pay, doesn't help, i don't drive so i can't even take a freaking bus with out having to ask HIM for money, it's very annoying! i'm just happy we're not married, cuz when i get a job and manage to feed myself, he better ask his mom for his old bedroom back!!!
have you tried talking to your hubby? tell him how you feel? i've tried with my bf, he just gets mad, and well, he's very macho and even throws things sometimes, so i just rather suck it up.

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