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Mary Beth - posted on 07/01/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I was diagnosed as being a compound heterozyous (C677T & A1298C) in July of 2008. I was 8 wks pregnant with my DD at the time and had lost my dad to a pulmonary embolism almost 2 years prior. This alone prompted my OB to look for a clotting factor. I thank heaven everyday he did. I was put on Foltx twice a day, 1 baby asprin once a day and a once a day shot of Fragmin for my entire pregnancy. The last week I was pregnant I was on Heprin twice a day instead of the Fragmin. In February of 2009, I delivered a beautiful little girl weighing in at only 6lbs 3oz. Due to Pre-eclampsia and the fact her growth had slowed down a lot in the recent weeks, she was delivered a little more than two weeks early healthy as can be!

Today I take 1 Foltx a day as a prevention to keep my homocystine levels in check. Life is back to normal (well as normal as it gets!) and is wonderful.

Please share your story! ♥



Emily - posted on 08/02/2010




I have the same diagnosis, however, we found out after loosing our baby boy named Jack. My water broke prematurely on May 2nd, 2010 and he was born May 8th, 2010. He lived for my first mothers day and then passed away on May 10th. My doctor did a TON of blood work afterward and that is how we found out. Every day I take baby aspirin, B6 and B12, and 4mg of folic acid. My dad has deep vain thrombosis and so my doctor thought it best that I maintain this regimen for life. I am really happy to see that you had a successful pregnancy with MTHFR. It gives me a lot of hope. Thank you for starting this group. :)

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