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How longdid you have to swaddle your little one? My Riley is four months old and has to be swaddled very tightly to sleep. I was just wondering how long this might go on! I don't mind and I love it. She sleeps so well and it means I can keep our bedroom much cooler than if she wasn't swaddled. Besides keeping the room cooler it also means that she takes more/ longer nap.


Johnny - posted on 05/13/2010




My daughter left her swaddle one limb at a time. In the beginning, she was all bundled up tight. After about 3 months the left arm came out. And a couple more months, the right arm. So we just swaddled from the waist down. Around 6 months the feet were always getting out and it seemed like it was time to stop. I was so afraid that she wouldn't sleep well without her swaddle, but that first night she actually slept better than usual. I realized that maybe I had been a little too concerned and had actually used the swaddle longer than she was comfortable. If I were you, I'd just watch for her sending you signals that she is uncomfortable, like being really squirmy and starting to wake up more at night.

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Roxanne HATED being swaddled! After about the third day home from the hospital I gave up frustrated thinking it was just me and the way I swaddled her but she slept so well after that!

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i didn't know about swaddling with my first, no big deal though, he slept through the night wonderfully at 6 weeks. my second hated being swaddled, and my 3rd he liked it, i think we were done with it at 2 months though, he wiggled alot and always wnded up with arms and legs out of it so we knew it was time.

Alisa - posted on 05/15/2010




Thank you ladies for all of your thoughts. She loves to be swaddled so much. When she is tired and being "real mouthy" about it as soon as I lay her down on the blanket and pick up that first corner she stops screaming and almost smiles. She sleeps swaddled all day and at night until she wakes and I bring her to bed. Then I just loosen it and take her arms out and she sleeps just fine. She wont sleep anywhere elsewithout a tight swaddle, not even a loose swaddle will do. I love the Kiddopotamus for the car seat when she is especially crankey.

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We always swaddle until about 4 months old, by then the baby is so strong that they can break out of it. My husband is an expert at swaddling, I loved it when he did it for me, SO much better than my swaddles. He said he watched the nurses at the hospital and copied them, he brags about how good he is and how he learned to do it. He makes me smile and laugh when he does that.

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My daughter loved it she sitll wraps her self up like a sausage roll and she is 3.
My son hated it he hates blankets will not sleep with one on even now, i just have to dress in up like an Eskimo for bed

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Eliza never wanted to be swaddled. We tried for a week and gave up. The little wiggle worm fought her way out of the blanket in about a minute flat. To this day she likes sleeping naked (with a diaper).

Jodi - posted on 05/13/2010




I can't remember exactly with my kids, but Jayden loved being swaddled as a baby, and Taylah hated it, so I just followed their lead :)

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Wyatt never liked it either. He hated being confined like that. He needed to have his long arms and legs free.

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Swaddling was a definite lifesaver for me. I tried it with blankets and that didn't work, but when I got the Kiddopotamus swaddler, the heavens opened up and the angels sang. I swaddled him until he was about 6 months, and then transitioned him to a sleep sack (like the Halo, but I made it myself, 'cause my baby's absurdly tall.) But she'll let you know when she's done with it -- she'll keep trying to get her arms out, at which point you can start swaddling her more loosely, and then try just swaddling her from the armpits down.

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I attempted to swaddle mine during the first week and he HATED it. He's a sweaty kid, the swaddling was no good even with the house cool, and he hated not being able to move. I wanted to do it, they looks so cute and like they should be sooo cozy, but not my kid, he's a weirdo. ;D

Sarah - posted on 05/13/2010




Swaddles saved my life! LOL!
I can't praise swaddling enough!
My eldest was swaddled until about 8 months i think, my youngest until about 6 months.
They pretty much let you know when they're done with it.
I don't think there's any right or wrong. I think when they started kicking them off every night, i thought i'd try not swaddling (expecting a sleepless night!) and they were fine without one! :)

Nikki - posted on 05/12/2010




My daughter is 6 months old and still swaddled, and I see no signs that it will be stopping any time soon, I am happy to do it as long as she needs it, she wriggles out of it in her sleep, so if she rolls over she can get back, which if she couldn't would be my only reason for stopping it. My midwife's grand daughter is still swaddled at 11 months old.

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Cooper hated being swaddled , he would fight it until he wriggled out and then he would be happy and calm once he was out of it and go straight to sleep , so im no help im afraid .

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