Any stay at home moms /or working moms with young children?

Sandra - posted on 04/18/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am going to be 43 years old this May. I am a stay at home mom. My son Jayden is 2 years old and Derek is going to be 8 years old May 22nd.
I was wondering if anyone else has children with such a gap between their ages.
What are the challenges do you have with your children ?
Six years between the two kids sometimes can be a challenge.
I hope to meet some moms with young children.

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Karen - posted on 04/22/2009




hi i am karen i will be 50 this year and have 7 kids 26-22-19-15-9-4-2 we had a 6year gap befor our last 3 kids thing have work out well the 15year is of a collage in sep this year and sill have 2year befor last one can go to schol

Rachelle - posted on 04/22/2009




Hi, I am a SAHM and I have 5 kids 20,16,15,3 and 1. The biggest challenge I have had is being able to take the girls to things that my older kids are involved in. It is almost impossible. They do not want to sit still and watch ANYTHING!!! I know it will be better in a few yrs!!

Annette - posted on 04/22/2009




I'm a 44 year old stay-at-home Mother and my children are 14, 12, 10 & 4.

Monique - posted on 04/20/2009




HI, you are in the right place to vent. I am 43 with a 3yr old and a 17 years old. So my age gap is huge, which makes it a little easier in some ways. I would have the 7 yr old see how important he is as a big brother........if u haven't already done this. Also look at your community center and see if they offer activities within a specific age 2-9 or 1-8. Maybe some activities will be available they that can participate in together. just know as they get older, the age gap will get smaller in some ways because your two year old will be more active and can be sociable. It is just difficult right now, hope this may help.


Laura - posted on 04/20/2009




I am a stay at home mom and i will be 42 on July 27th : O I have 18 , 15 than 11 and 10 , and than 6 and 3......Alot of gaps !!! But it is a little different for you b/c they are your only two. It seems like my 6 yr old actually spends less time with the youngest than anyone else... But i think it is mostly because he is jealous ...

Amanda - posted on 04/20/2009




Hi Sandra, my name's Amanda and I'm in Melbourne, Australia. My eldest son Patrick is 6 (will be 7 in November) and Samuel will turn 2 in July. Challenges...where to start? Samuel loves to wrestle and because Patrick has been taught that he is little and to be careful, it's usually Patrick that cries first! And then there's Samuel not being interested in his toys and wanting to play with Patrick's all the time which causes issues.... plus they like different foods and the list goes on. But there's also a lot more joys of different types with the two being different ages. I've recently started my own internet business from home, so have Samuel at home with me most days. What challenges do you face and how do you deal with them????

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