Does anyone have a problem with their child having encoprisis? Mine is 7 and he refuses to go to the bathroom. Been dealing with this for 4 yrs, tried thinking of hypnosis. Help

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Barbara June - posted on 10/13/2012




My son when he was very young had a bowel condition which went on and on saw newmerous Drs and specialists he used to scream in pain no Drs believed me that there was something wrong with my son after would you beleive 5 years after nearly tearing my hair out they at last admitted that my son had a problem andtold me he had encoprisis.

Shirley - posted on 10/06/2012




Have your son checked for Ausburgers Syndrome.... Going in their pants is a CLASSIC SYMPTOM,,,

Ausburgers is a Cousin of Autisim,,, But that does NOT MEAN YOUR CHILD HAS AUTISIM....

Mine son was diagnosed with it when he was three and dealth with this untill he was 12 or 13.

I also made him start washing his own clothes when he was around 10....

As we learned about this, we find, that the child is not bothered with having soiled pants, alot of the time they do not have the feeling in the end that they have to go..So, they just go..

Also, I took my son to a Faith Healing Profit, who showed what was and why it was happening, he said the Lord was showing him a leak in his stomach..,But, he would be healed, not because of m sons faith, because he was too young to understand, but that he would be healed because of my faith....and YES, within 1st month he had stopped about 50% 2nd month he stopped alltogether,,3rd month done, then everonce in a while he'd have an accident,,

This needs to get nipped in the bud, FAST, because he is school age and the kids will NOT leave him alone, he will be teased..and teased by the teachers.... Good Luck!

Joanne - posted on 09/06/2012




Thanks Bobbie, he's been hospitalized 2 times for colon cleansings, he's been checked out by his gastro dr...hes seen 3 phsyc drs and is currently seeing a hypnotist, he's on 3 different medications, for depression and ADD. We've dealt with this for over 4 years, he's defiant, and angry all the time it doesn't bother him, if he stinks or has dirty pants, it's a fight everyday just to

Clean him up, he wears pull ups because I got tired of throwing away underware. He doesn't care about the conciquences.

Bobbie - posted on 09/05/2012




I had to read up on it. Found there are two types. The first type is usually associated with the oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder. The second is a medical condition that the child can't control. I read that the latter is caused by chronic constipation and other bowel related functions that cause the leakage. By all accounts it is not the child's doing.

Which one are you dealing with? If it is the behavioral issue and asking him to go to the bathroom makes him deliver you presents in his pants of fully formed feces then a mental health check will assist you with his defiant disorder. Most people don't realize that their health insurance covers 100% costs of such visits even treatment lasting for many months.

If he however is embarrassed, unable to keep clean but not actually having bowel movements in his pants then I think a medical doctor could help him relieve the constipation and get him on track.

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