How do I Help[ my daughter and keep my grandaughter until my daughter is better?

Angi - posted on 08/03/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My Daughter is 19 living with me , with my 2 yr old grandaughter. Her looser boyfriend has her shooting up pills, I found a bag full of needles in her room. I also no they are steeling to get moneyu for the pills. I dont let them take my grandaughter when she leaves cause I know what she is doing. Her boyfriend is the one who got her started on this crap. Im loosing my baby girl, I need to know what to do to keep him away from her meaning her boyfriend , Im afraid something bad is going to happen, and want custody of my gran baby until shes better and gets help, how to I keep the baby daddy away , Please someone help.


Chaya - posted on 08/03/2012




Get legal custody of the baby and tell the daughter you'll surrender the daugther to her after she gets clean and sober. If she won't do it, don't let her see the kid at all.
I had to get custody of my nieces many years ago because their mom would disappear for months under the pretenses of looking for a job. I finally got custody of the girls and told my sister I'd put them up for adoption if she didn't get a job in x number of weeks. When I started taking the girls to meet friends of mine who wanted to adopt. My dad's wife wanted to take them, but she put my sister up to neglecting her children, so I told her I'd charge her with kidnapping if she tried. My dad's wife and my sister straightened up for a while.

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