How old is too old?

Sheri - posted on 02/13/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Just curious on other's opinion of this. I pondered this after observing one of those gossip mags at the check out..." many is too many?" Which, btw, I think is silly that it is even an issue.. they all seem taken care of, financially, emotionally, spiritually..not sure what the concern is...but I am surprised that Michelles age is not brought up. Sheesh, when I had my daughter at 34, the doctors already labeled my "advanced maternal age", lol. Now at 43, we are not so sure we are done having children...
so, whatdoyathink??? How old is too old?


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In the bible you have examples of woman in their advanced years having children, Sarah, who bore Jacob, Elizabeth, who bore John the Baptist. So what is God telling women? A women is never too old to have children. As long as a women has a cycle she can get pregnant. Thats why MAN invented birth control pills My own mother had her last child at 42. She had a total of 12. I'm #7. She is gone now but I am glad she had all of us. I do not feel so alone in this world. I can turn to my brothers and sisters. I see my parents in all of them even the children, Their looks, their gestures, their voice, their eyes, its amazing. What's even more amazing is the words of wisdom my parents left and my brothers and sister remind us. They say, "well mom or dad would say this......

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