I'll be 50 next month. Wasn't expecting it to happen so quickly. I have 3 adult children, Daughter 23 and two sons 21 & 19. My 19 yr old son's girlfriends family convinced him to move to another state with them so far away, I'd have to fly there to see him. Our 21 yr old son recently moved back home. I feel like I've lost who I am and have no idea what my interests are and what I have in common with my husband. I suffer with chronic pain and unable to work. Man ~ I feel lost. Anyone have a few suggestions? I do go to church & I feel there isn't a place for me there. Loved the youth group but I'm no longer needed for the position I volunteered for.

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Michele - posted on 07/27/2012




do you feel liko teaching? In your church maybe or just younger women who might have to learn a lot of your life experience...keep courage...giving of yourself will enrich you and enable you to proyect a fresh future.

Deaunna - posted on 07/23/2012




Sorry you are having a hard time these days. I suggest a life coach. Coaches are marvelous at getting you to self identify and move forward! I can recommend a good one if you need recommendations. Hope this helps!

Brenda - posted on 06/18/2012




You have a whole new world waiting for you! Don't set back and just let it go down hill. What do you want in your future? What can you do to enhance relationship with hubby? Wake up each morning deciding to make it the best day ever! And go get it! Do a vision board of the things you would like in your future. Start bringing it to you. You are in a rut and we all go there. Start digging out day by day. Thought by thought. Step by step. If you need help, I can help you. findyourtrueselfnow.com

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