Im not very happy, im 13 weeks pregnant. before i found out I was pregnant I was on a lot of medication for various things but as soon as I found out I was expecting I stopped taking everything, one of the medications I was taking was a sleeping tablet as I cannot sleep without them so when i had my booking appointment with the midwife i asked for an alternative and was told that kalms were safe to take, now after taking these for five weeks Ive been told that it is not safe to take these when pregnant. Im fuming Im sat at the moment waiting for the doctor to ring me to discuss this and the implications, ive been waiting 4 hours so far for the doctor to ring me and my stress levels are rising as I also found out that we are high risk for down syndrome and have a hospital appointment for tomorrow to discuss this. Really, really stressed right now :-((


Robin - posted on 08/08/2012




Hi Philippa. I understand that you are stressed. But try not to be stressed, the Lord is in control. I had my second baby when I was 39 and they tried to tell me all kinds of things. I choose not to beleive them and believe the report of the Lord. Today I have a healthy little girl! She will be 2 in October. If you want to talk, email me @

Take care

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