My kids first day of school was a big surprise

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You know these emotional moments keep coming. Mine are now high school and jr. high. When we dropped the twins at jr. high, the tears came again, not as strong as kinder but there none the less. I suppose we grieve and welcome each stage, truly bittersweet. I never understood how profoundly one person could affect me, could hold my heart in their hands, until I became a mom.

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I don't see how you all do it! I sometimes consider sending my daughter away to school, but the stress of dealing with getting her up, together and out and insuring she had everything she needed for the day would be more stress than I could handle!

This is our 5th year homeschooling her, after having homeschooled her older brother for 6 years.

Getting back to work this week after being off schedule since mid-June has been difficult, but by Friday she was into it again. This was the longest break we've ever taken and I don't think we'll ever do it again! She has forgotten so much of what we'd worked on last year. She spent her summer drawing and reading.

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I love your blog!
As a mom of three, my time will be Wednesday, Sept 1st. My oldest(boy) is in 4th grade, my daughter going into 1st grade and my baby boy going into all day Kindergarten. It is wonderful to know that after 9 years I will have days to myself but oh so sad. I cried for each child as they went to full-time days, it's the youngest' turn now. That silence in the house will be hard. I have cried unnoticed (because I was hidding) for a couple of weeks now anticipating the day that is coming. I never thought I would feel this way. I always thought I would be soooo happy when this day came.
Just like you, I have my husband to turn too who will listen then say something to make me feel better.
This empty house is something to look forward too and to dread. My babies are growing up. It'll be time to listen to their new discoveries and learn about their new best friends. It'll also be time for me to brush up on all the classes they take and try to make myself understand how I forgot all the curriculum they bring home and need help with.
THANK YOU LORD! They will still NEED ME!
Thanks for listening to me. My heart is bursting. I know I will pick up the pieces as time goes by and I get a scheduale for myself. Isn't it strange? A scheduale for myself, instead of for the kids......

Angel - posted on 08/20/2010




Thanks, Louise. I really appreciate the feedback. This is now her 3rd full day and she's really enjoying it. She was ready. I'm settling in to the new routine and starting to feel really positive about. It was certainly a rite of passage I will remember! Thanks, again for your support. :-)

Louise - posted on 08/20/2010




I enjoyed your blog Angel and as a pre school teacher I have witnessed so many mums crumble into tears as their hapy little offspring wonder into class leaving mum sobbing and feeling like a spare part. Letting go is the hardest part a mother has to do and seeing your child is happy without you is a bitter sweet pill to accept.

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