My rude, ungrateful, always drunk or high 26 year old gives so much trouble and refuses to leave and stop coming back.

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I love my son very, very much, but I refuse to continue to put up with his behavior of rudeness, cussing at me, drunk all of the time, and high. I have asked him several times to leave and do not return. He does not have a job even though I have tried to assist him with getting one several times. I can not afford to support him and he is not on my lease, but makes all kinds of excuses why he can not move out. He has Bi-polar and refuses to quit other drugs and drinking to get medication for his condition.

He keeps getting arrested and coming back to me expecting for me to take him back in and at the same time he is telling me how much of a bad parent I am for asking him to leave. He constantly lies to my relatives that do not give a damn about him, telling them that I mistreat him, when all of the time he is the one that is abusive physically, mentally and emotionally. I am disabled fro suffering a stroke and having brain surgery and am a senior again in college working towards my bachelor's degree.

He just got out of jail again tonight and came right back to my home tonight knocking on my door. I told him again that I did not want him here anymore and he refused to leave.

I have plans in two days to go to the courts and get a restraining order on him to keep him from having contact with me, thinking that maybe he will get the message and straighten up his life. He can go to a home for drug addictive people that will help him get on with his life.

I am so tired and fed up and do not know what to do with him any longer. Can anyone give me any advice to let me know if there is any other options out there?

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Call the cops, change the locks, and get the restraining order. Make sure it's only for like a year.

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