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I am new to the group so I want to introduce myself. I am a 49 year old mother of a son aged 22 and a daughter aged 20. I have been disabled since 1994, I tried several times to go off my meds, with the DR's permission and guidance, and to work 2 different jobs. I just ended up back where I started and have accepted that I will not be able to work, and also that I will have to be on medication for the rest of my life. I have been married twice, divorcing my first husband who is one of the nicest guys you could ever know but a drinker in 1995... the beer always came first. I refused to have the kids raised in that atmosphere. I remarried in 2003 after a 7 year relationship, and very unfortunately it looks like I am headed for my second divorce, which is very complicated because he is a Canadian, I am a US Citizen, and I am back in the US. My son moved back to the US with me, but my daughter who was/is in a very serious relationship (younger than I would have liked...but serious all the same) chose to stay in Canada on her study permit. She lives with her partner and they have one daughter, with a little brother or sister on the way. They are young, and being so have done some things wrong, but they have also done a lot right. I say with no hesitation that I have never seen a father that is more loving, more hands on from birth (I kid you not...he changed the baby's first diaper and gave her the first bath in the hospital!!) very committed,to my daughter, committed to making their relationship work so their children do not end up like so many children of young parents do anymore. My daughter is a great Mom, and they would both die for their little girl.

I will have some questions to put out to the group soon. In the meantime, I say hello to everyone and look forward to the different scope of discussions in the group.


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I am new to the group. I am a mother of a son who is turning 19 and a daughter who just turned 16.I'm married but my husband has never punished or corrected our kids! My son is in his first year of college.My concern is his use of drugs( marijuana) and outright obsession of drilling me how it is natural and I should use it. He has even offered me drugs . He tries to justify it by saying it is a plant (all natural ) I just don't know how to make him aware of the seriousness that can result from this.When we are having conversations about this, he says" that he can drive fine after smoking pot" This is what scares me.They had drug education in school yet they ignore all they have learned.Being a mom of a teen really stinks!!

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