Panic attacks & Anxieties

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Georgie - posted on 11/24/2013




My 11 year old daughter keeps having really bad panic attacks.
She told the school she was self harming which she us they redirected her to the school nurse who then said she had been experiencing panic attacks. But she had 2 miss 2 lessons in a 6 ;lesson day because she needs to calm down.
She is speaking 2 a school consuller however the school is deciding which one she should have! I'm so scared.

Lynette - posted on 02/04/2010




When these ill feelings happen you may think that you're going crazy or having a thousand thoughts go through your mind at the same time. With time & alot of questions & counselling I was given the answers that I was truely looking for. You see I always had control of my life but when things started to go wrong I did question myself as to whether or not I was capable of being able to look after small children. Thankfully with the help of family & friends I'd regained control of my life. It doesn't hurt to be on antidepressants for a short period of time (just until you regain total stability in your mind & your life). Some people think it's voodoo but with the help of these wonder tablets its helped me to regain total control & to think clearly & better. Have a talk with your doctor to see what he/she would recommend for a short period of time but I found that it was the best thing I ever did.

Dawn - posted on 01/28/2010




All the time! I have always taken the natural route on fixing things, but lately i overwhelmed with a feeling of not having control of my life...where i am going? What i want for myself? I know it has alot to do with my childrens new found independance! which i am glad they have, yet have no idea why i feel so bad all the time!

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