SCARED! 45 and I think I'm Pregnant! :-(

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Maggie - posted on 02/02/2013




Hi Tracey, I'm really sorry.

Truly didn't think about that this would be a place only for those trying to conceive.

Please understand I know loss as well, unfortunately had 3 mc's too.

I apologize and wish you the best of luck. And again, really sorry to have upset you.

Tracey - posted on 02/02/2013




hello maggie

have you plucked the courrage to do pg test yet firstly i dont want to critise you but if you didnt want more children then protection should have been taken, comdoms are safe if used correctly there are moms on here that are desperatet to have there 1st baby and moms that do want more and dont want to here that they dont want to become pregnant or dont want anymore children its upsetting for some want to be moms all our storys are different im sorry you dont want anymore children and may be this is not the site for you take the test and discuss your opptions with your doctor sorry if i sound blunt but i myself am ttc after loosing 3 babies i do have 3 girls and would love more children take the test you may even not be pregnant good luck !

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