Three Decades of Kids

Julie - posted on 03/05/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have three children..3yo, 15yo and 23yo. Talk about spreading them out. you run in to different problems with each child, and learned to handle them differently through experience.

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Marsha - posted on 03/05/2009




I always found it funny when Mom's are stressing over potty training and I'm worried about how to get 3 through college.

My friend said Kylee has the best of me. No way do I stress over things like I did when the other 3 were little.

As for keeping young... when exactly does that young thing kick in?

Karen - posted on 03/05/2009




My kids are spread out as well. My oldest son will be 21 this month, my other two boys are 14 and 12, then my daughter is 9.  I agree about handling each one differently through experience. They all have different personalities as well. The most important part is to let them know that you love them and you are there for them no matter what. But you also have to let them know they have boundaries...that's where the challenge comes in. Just because we are older doesn't mean we don't remember being kids/teenagers and we already know all the tricks!

Jeanne - posted on 03/05/2009




Hello Julie welcome aboard to over 40yrs old mums..........You have 3 children I'm sure they keep you on your toes, and all different ages..........that's what keeps us so young is dealing with different problems with each child..........I strongly believe that we learned to handle them diffenrently with our experience we have gain with the other children. You look amazing in your picture...with Three Decades of Kids.........


My name is Jeanne I have 3 children my older son Sylvain is 19 years old with Twins Matthieu (ADHD) & Natalie will turning 17 years old on the 3rd of March. I'm a single mom over 40 will be 45 this coming May. Yes it's tough but I wouldn't change it or change them for the world!


As for me with 3 teenagers............tuff...but I tell them I will not tolerate that kind of behavior or that is not acceptable in this house.........that's the main thing, because with teen years then want to be 20 years old and they know everything. Another trick I did last year I changed all my portable phones and know I 2 desktop phone.....with help I can keep track how long they're on the phone......(shhh I partially listen to there conversation this helps a little) I also have about 4 calendars in my house each with there name on it .........and I keep track of dates such a prepare for test, when project are due. I have a lot of little tricks up my I must keep on top of everything.

A little note of me:


I've battling chronic depression + anxiety for over 15 years and now I have Fibromyalgia  this major work for me to be a stay home mom, and sick......because I loved my career and working doctor after 2 years wants me to go on disability........I finally agreed, but very difficult to do at my age......they I sort of look at it will say on my tombstone that I was a good career women........God must have a plan for me..........because he put me in this direction for a reason!

Take care & keep in touch!


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