want to attempt to toilet train 2.2 yr old granddaughter, got 6 days, can it be done and any tips? mom doesnt want potty chair used

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Michelle - posted on 09/06/2011




How come you only have just 6 days? I think each child is different so there is no answer as to how long it will take, though i've never known any child being potty trained in 6 days. I think perhaps you should try and persuade your daughter to get a potty for your grandaughter. Sometimes if you try and rush these things it may stress the child out enough for it not want to try at all!

Amy - posted on 09/05/2011




Both my kids were closer to 3 when we trained, and it still took longer than 6 days! Kids are all different and it's hard to tell how long it will take until you start. I agree with everyone who says if she is not ready, don't push it. I never used a potty chair because it felt like two transitions - learn to use the potty instead of the diaper and then have to move up to the big toilet. I used the padded seat that fits right on the toilet. I know lots of people use potty chairs but we just didn't. Good luck, but don't worry if you have to abandon - she has plenty of time to learn this skill, after all.

Jennifer - posted on 08/07/2011




Margie....If after a few days training is not going at all well, I suggest that you drop it. Tell her what the potty is for. Discuss having a wet diaper/pull up. Ask her if she feels the pee etc. etc. etc. If she is not getting it, it is too soon

Margie - posted on 08/05/2011




thank you moms :), training has begun as of today, so far not going as well as I thought, but will try again tommorrow

Jennifer - posted on 08/05/2011




My 3 daughters were all completely different. Having read and heard that potty training should be complete by age 18 months, I was desperate to have this done with my oldest. I had people (my mother) constantly point out my failings, my daughter's inadequacies and the like. I eventually came to the conclusion that this was an exercise in futility and dropped the attempts. She was closer to 3 1/2 when potty training occurred. She was a child who had been 5 weeks premature and had been spending a large portion of her life trying to "catch up". My second daughter trained within 3 days at the age of 2 years. 2 more days for night training. I had to do absolutely NOTHING except show her the potty in the hall outside the toilet and explain what it was for. By this point, I had read in medical/nursing journals that when a child can tell you that they have peed their diaper/pull up, or need to pee, then they are ready. My third daughter had been over due. She started walking at age 10 1/2 months. climbed, ran everywhere, was talking a blue streak and using the computor by age 18 months. Potty training for peeing was relatively easy. Took about a month with some accidents. Poop was a different matter. She refused to use the toilet or potty for this. She would hide under the table, behind furniture and would scream if found and hadn't pooped in her pull up yet. I read at this time that some children see the poop as an extension of themselves. When they poop into the toilet, they believe that a part of self has actually been taken from their body. It is a fearful thing. This took patience and several months to assist my daughter in her ability to poop in the toilet. She was 2. My grand daughter was no difficulty, like her Mom. My second grand daughter is 3 and continues to be completely untrained, like her Mom. My oldest and youngest both had problems with "night wetting". Both were between 11 and 12, and beginning to go through physical changes and growth when this fully resolved.

Faye - posted on 08/03/2011




Years ago the twins I babysat had a convertable potty chair. It sat on the floor but also had steps on it so it could sit/hover over the toilet. To look at it, it looked like a mini staircase leading up to the toilet. I think it had two or three steps and then the "platform with hand rails" Hand rails to floor was I think about 3 foot to 3 foot 6 inches tall.

Where the parents found the units (they had two, one on each level of the house) I have no idea, maybe Toys "R" Us or a second hand shop. It was made of durable plastic and was easy to move out of the way.

Laura - posted on 07/31/2011




Margie, Lucy has some great advice for you. Each of my children let me know when it was time to train. The first two were almost 3 and the youngest was just 2. One clue to know if they are ready is when they announce what they just did in their diaper. I used a little potty for my first two, but found a great gadget for my youngest. It was a padded seat that inserted on top of the adult toilet. I also did an agressive form of training. They wore a big t-shirt with no diaper or undies. It worked for me. I kept the mini-carpet cleaner ready to go. It only took one or two times wetting the floor and they were racing off to the bathroom. I did wait until it was summer so they did not shiver. I kept a sticker chart on the wall in the bathroom and they put a sticker on for each successful trip. My son was slower so we kept a train on the back of the toilet for him to play with while he was sitting. It was his potty train... After two weeks of no accidents we had a "Potty Party" and all the neighborhood kids came over for cake.

Lucy - posted on 07/31/2011




Margie, 2.2 years old is very small. The big potty is very intimidating. My 2 children did not potty train until after they were 3. I see so many parents these days with the rigid idea that children should be potty trained at age 2 but in reality, children's bladder and bowel controls mature at different rates and it is different for each child. One may be ready at 2 and another may not. If you try to train a child whose body is just not ready, you will cause the child to become frustrated, resistant, and it may take even longer for a desired result than it would have done if the training had been postponed until the child was ready. Also, I would insist on using a potty chair. Expecting a small child to climb up on a big toilet while they are having an urge and to balance on the edge of the seat while gripping the sides of the seat with both hands and then be able to relax and release their waste is just plain unreasonable. See if you can talk some sense into the child's mother. I also potty trained my granddaughter, although I did not have the 6 day deadline. It did not take very long but I think she may have been a few months older. We had the most fun doing it. I bought a wonderful little book with really sweet illustrations (Once Upon A Potty by Alona Frankel) and we read it together first, then talked about whether or not this was something we thought we would like to do. She was agreeable so we continued. We read the book every day after breakfast. That seemed to be a good time as that was when wet and poo poo diapers seemed to happen most often. You will have your own best schedule. It did not take long. The most rewarding part is when my granddaughter went to the potty on her own and used it successfully. She was SO excited! In my book, if you, grandma, are going to undertake this challenging and fun job, mom shouldn't tell you how to do it. You go girl!!!

Carolyn - posted on 07/30/2011




well, if u don't start with a potty, you're not going to be successful, unless u use a step and small toilet seat......but introducing the potty earlier is impt....set it in the living room and she will get used to seeing it...sitting on it,etc. Then can move it to her bedroom or washroom.....put her on potty when u sit down as well, eventually she gets used to the idea of a potty/.....I suppose the simiar thing can be done with a on toilet potty seat....as long as u have a step up stool for her to use. Good luck, my girl is 20 now and starting to train her little girl. Panties are a good idea too, she feels like a big girl wearing them.

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