Why back to school after summer is is torture

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Michelle - posted on 08/01/2010




Thankfully I don't have a problem with my girls going back to school. After a 6 week holiday they are normally bored with being at home and miss a lot of their friends. I send them back with new uniforms, undies, socks, shoes to start of their new year. They are normally totally shattered after school for the first couple of weeks but soon get into it.

Kay - posted on 08/01/2010




Going back to school is wonderful and as a parent it is your job to make sure it is wonderful. Nothing like new socks and shoes underware and clothes to make it very special. Dont stress and dont over spend 1 or 2 new outfits is enough! add in shoe sock and underware they are good to go. Encourage making due with what they have and let nature take it's course. I think too often we project our own feelings on the little guys and they dont learn from us that opportunity comes from education and that these are truly the best days of their lives. Chin up Chest out and face the world like you know what you are doing even if your stomach is rumbling dont let them see you sweat! ~Kay

[deleted account]

It's no problem here...I don't send my child away! I've actually been saddened when walking through the "back-to-school supplies" aisles at the stores this year -- we don't need any supplies whatsoever this year. We will be buying clothes though, while they are on sale.

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