Funny Story about my son and Sex Ed at school!

Jane - posted on 03/08/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Just thought you might get a laugh out of this one. My son is 9 (10 in May) and before this year at school the boys and girls got ready for PE in one room. Now they have been split with the girls using the cloakroom and the boys using the classroom. One of the boys this past week has asked the teacher why they can't get changed together anymore. The teacher told the class it was because of the changes starting in their bodies now. My son stuck his hand up and said "I know what that is - you are talking about puberty!" The teacher said that yes, she was talking about puberty and another kid asked what puberty is. My son then took over the class and gave a very eloquent and accurate description of what happens in puberty with boys testicles dropping and girls developing breasts, etc. He even answered questions on this subject!!

The teacher told my mum all about this when she went to pick my son up and actually said that she was glad my son explained it as he did a much better job than she would have been able to to do!! My mum explained that my son had been asking about stuff like this recently and that I do not believe in making stuff up or fudging an answer and so gave him as much information as I could without confusing him.

Great when a 9 year old can explain puberty better than a teacher who has been to university, etc.!! LOL!


Rhiannon - posted on 04/13/2012




Its probably because the teachewr would be embarrased to talk about it, where as your son just saw it as mater of fact :)

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