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my 15mths old son use to sleep thought but since he had a fit in march n may he jus not slept thought n he never seem tired on a nite , he started t crawl a month ago n he now started to walk wiv the sofa n standin up alot more holding on , please can u help me , i have never chnge his rountine for bed time since he came home at 5mths old he has tea bout 5ish wiv me , but very fussy so doesn eat much , then has a play while i run his bath n get his bedtime stuff sorted n close his curtains then after his bath he then jus watches cbbc till his bottle of milk warm then i turn tv off n then feed him his bottle cos he wont hold it then i either snuggle him but if he doens want tht i jus pop him in his cot but he scream blue murder half the time .....some time cry for ages i leave him t cry for 15mins then go in lay him bck dwn n walk away then leace him again n do the same wiv out tlkin then again if still cryin then if he stil cryin i lift him up cuddle him then i read t him for 5 mins when i put him bck in his cot .... what am i doin wrong plzz hlp he wakes thou the nite too sum time once witch doesn bother me but can be up t 8 to 9 times in one nite .......

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