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Therapies 4 Kids is offering FREE Mild HBOT for the months of January and February 2011. Please call 954-608-9930 for more information or visit

Therapies 4 Kids is the leader in Pediatric Intensive Fitness programs for children and adults with neurological disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Stroke.

Therapies 4 Kids offers FREE evaluations and assessments for our program for families without Insurance. Call now and book your child's appointment! 954-491-6611 or 954-566-2178 or 954-608-9930 (cell).

Children’s physical development and movement is linked closely to other aspects of their daily learning. It is influenced by their growing confidence and enjoyment of physical play, by their increasing ability to control their own bodies through movement and by their physical well-being and strength.

As children develop physically, they become faster, stronger, more mobile and more secure of their balance, and they start to use these skills in a wider range of physical activities and also begin to become more aware of themselves as individuals. This developing sense of identity is linked closely to their own self image, self-esteem and confidence.

Therapies 4 Kids has treated over 800 children from all over the world using these protocols for the last 6 years.

These programs have resulted in life changing developmental gains and personal independence such as sitting, crawling, talking, walking and eating.

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Eileen - posted on 09/19/2011




Hello! Therapies 4 Kids is extending their offer of FREE Mild Hyperbaric for the months of September and October of 2011

Lisa - posted on 02/08/2011




How many treatments are possible for the rest of February? I have a grandson who is 9 years old and is moderate to severe CP.We would love for him to be able to take part in HBOT. What we have researched in the past shows that insurance doesn't cover HBOT. Where in Florida are the treatments free?
Lisa Jeffers

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