I have three beautiful children, they are13,8,1. Well Christmas is coming right around the corner. How do you explain to them that times are getting rough now days and Santa is not going to be able to give everything they have on there list this year.


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Do all 3 still believe? My 12 yr old knows , although, my 8,6,&4 don"t. We tell them that Santa brings one thing from their list and fills their stocking. The older 2 understand the $, They see it every day. My 12 year old plays Elf and helps us shop, wrap and even fill stockings. It keeps her included and lets her understand the joy of giving, even if it is a small ammount. It's not how much or how big, but how much joy it brings in the giving and the receiving....hope it helps!

Rhonda - posted on 11/15/2008




Hi Moms-

Times are tough right now for most everyone. Christmas is always a time of year that parents are buying toys for their children.

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Kessy - posted on 11/15/2008




Times were always rough and money always short when I was growing up, but my mom always managed to get us the one thing that we Really wanted. And our stockings were always full. And seeing how your youngest in only 1 she hasn't quite grasped the idea of Christmas. Your oldest might be able to understand that things are hard this year and Santa/you are struggling with being able to afford all the things you really want. And with your 8 year old try explaing to them the same thing, but doesn't mean that you were naughty this year. You were very good.

There may not have always been alot of gifts under the tree but we were happy because we got that one thing we wanted and a few things extra. Plus we got to "sneak" out of our rooms and rummage through the stockings.

What my mom did though was she spent the same amount of money on all of her four kids. She said that really helped her save money. Also for the kids who no longer believed in Santa she would take shopping for the gift we really wanted the Day After Christmas. Then for the next couple of months she would buy gifts and things that were on sale for Christmas next year. Another little way she saved extra money.

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