My daughter has severe eczema...

Kelly - posted on 02/07/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




My daughter is 14 months old and has very severe eczema in only one spot (her ankles and the tops of her feet). I've had so many prescriptions I cannot count on one hand. I've been to so many doctors and dermatologists who always prescribe me the same thing. I've tried organic alternatives as well as strong lotions like eucerin and such.

I have to keep socks on her so she won't scratch herself until she bleeds. She can't even sleep through the night most of the time because she scratches her ankles in her sleep. It's SO pitiful and I don't know what to do anymore, I've tried EVERYTHING and I feel so helpless!!! Please, someone, give me some suggestions if you have them. Thank you!!


Angela - posted on 02/26/2010




Lactobacillus rhamnosus is, according to my allergist what has been studied and found to help. It is in baby-dophilus, I know and is one of the cultures in Stony Field Farms Yo-Baby yogurt. I stopped mine from scratching open by using footie pjs, as someone else already recommended, and keeping socks on her in the day, like you said you do already. We use only dye free, scent free laundry soap on her clothes (and less than you might use normally). She gets rubbed down as often as possible with Cetaphil, per the dermatologist and that has made a huge difference in the severity of the breakouts on her body. We did go through a lot of different prescriptions, too and the only thing that worked on her body was triamcinolone ointment. Try to keep her fingernails cut and/or filed as far back as you can at all times. I know this means cutting or filing just about everyday, but she can't open up her skin if she doesn't have nails to scratch with. That's not to say she won't try to substitute some thing else, like the carpet. (Mine scratches her face open on the carpet.) But you have a chance to catch her and divert her attention if her nails aren't so handy.

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I am not sure if any of these suggestions are going to help at all or if you have already tried them. I had taken Gabriel to an allergist back in December, and yet again I was given yet another prescription to try on his eczema, he would have outbreaks so back that the spot would look like dried up, puffy scabs. As well as the prescription I was told to everyday give him a lukewarm bath and only use the dove white soap or the nutrgena bar soap, I was told do not use Aveeno at all because that only makes it worse, but then I was tols to apply Aquaphor all over after the bath and at every change. She had also told me to buy Zyrtec and give him X-amount because that would help stop the itching..... All of his "hot spots" cleared up within days, so I was just doing everything the doctor said to do but I was not applyling the prescription.... and now he is having a very very back outbreak again all over his poor little body (but we think it has something to do with a food he had eaten)

But I hope any of those suggestions/ideas help in any way

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Definitely try Probiotics. They have a powder for children at Wholefoods. I'm sure you could find it at another health food store as well. If not, you can open up an adult Probiotic. I give my daughter who is also 14 months old, the powdered probiotic every day.

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My daughter has severe eczema as well, in several locations due to allergies. her ankles are the worst part on her as well. I bought her sleepers that still have the feet attached, so she can't dig at her ankles as much. I also make sure that I keep her nails well clipped, though when she gets really itchy, she can still do a lot of damage. I use elidel cream, it works okay, but it depleats her immune system a bit, so I don't use it often. Other than that, I put aquaphor on her ankles every time I change her diaper, it helps keep it moisturized, and I put cortizone on twice a day which helps with the inflammation and redness..

Don't know if that helps, but it's worked so far for us. Her ankles always have some scabs and are insanely dry, but as long as she's not tearing off her skin, it's a win.

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My son had eczema like that. I tried several prescriptions, aveeno baths, and lotions. Nothing really helped. I finally found a lotion that I was using on my severely chapped hands and he no longer has the eczema. The lotion was Gold Bond medicated lotion. You can buy it from Wal-mart for like $9 and they now have an equate brand for like $5 that works about the same. It's worth a try!


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Julie - posted on 08/05/2012




I have 3 children and all have had eczema to varying degrees. My third child had it the worst, when he was born he had no eczema, by the time he was 4 weeks old it started on his face and then spread to his entire body - not missing one scrap of skin. I went to see my allergist Dr Pickford in Castle Hill she did a skin prick test on him and he came up with nothing. They are looking for something which may be triggering the eczema. I said to my Doctor he will end up in hospital once he can take his mittens off as he is constantly itchy. Dr Pickford works with dieticians, she said see the dietician and go on the elimination diet for a few weeks - as I was fully breastfeeding and see if their is any change. I went on the elimination diet - go to - this website has been been developed by the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney. It is not hocus pocus and is backed up by evidence based research. I went on the elimination diet, within a week we notice my son's itching was markedly reduced - after a few weeks it was like a miracle and he looked like a normal child, you couldn't see eczema. With the elimination diet you need to study it there is a lot to know. The RPAH Elimination diet handbook with food and shopping guide became my bible. This will not necessarily work for everyone. You need to find what it is that is triggering the eczema, I was lucky that it was something I could take out of my diet (as i was breastfeeding, I have friends where it has been milk or egg). My son was 6 months at the time I went on the diet. As his body has grown he has become more tolerant. You need to find a good allergist - if your allergist knows not much on food intolerance then they are not up to date with the current research. I hope this helps, Julie

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I noticed with my one boy his ankles were really bad. I then switched back to not using bleach on any of his clothes and he no longer has breakouts on his ankles. Hope this helps a little.

Kelly - posted on 02/23/2010




Thank you everyone who replied. I had already tried the Aquaphor, which works temporarily. I think she has a food allergy and it causes her eczema to flare up. I'm going to try changing her body chemistry through [safe] bacterias and different vitamins. Hopefully that, along with the topical stuff, will help her.

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I went to my naturopath about my sons eczema. She told me that lots of times babies do not have enough good bacteria in their tummys, I am sorry I cant remember the reason this causes the excema, either way, she sent me home with some acidopholus and i was to put some into his food every day. His ecxema cleared up within two weeks!

Of course not every case is the same but adding a little bit of this good bacteria to your little girls diet cant hurt :)

My pediatrician confirmed this when I talked to him about it and he told me that you can get a powdered form of acidopholus over the counter at the pharmacist.

Good luck :)

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