Potty Training and Underwear

Abbi - posted on 10/29/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter has pretty much mastered the potty and goes all on her own but she forgets to pull down her panties or shorts when they are on. We have been naked for the past 4 days and I would really like her to start wearing clothes. Has anyone else had this problem and what have they done to help them remember?

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Melanie - posted on 11/01/2010




My little girl is 23 Months and almost mastered potty training we have issues with panties as she only has a small bum so she wears pull ups which are great I have many neices and nephews and have seen the same thing with them I know my sister uses a lot of persistance with them wearing there underwear and eventually they come around and keep them on. Oh the joys of potty training

Nikki - posted on 10/31/2010




I still have to pull them down for my son as well sometimes. If he is just in his underwear, he seems to do fine, but when in his pants or shorts as well, he seems to have trouble. He does remember to pull them down, but he just can't seem to get them all the way off to climb on the potty.

Eliz - posted on 10/29/2010




My son doesn't know how to pull his own underwear down yet. I still do that for him. He will sometimes try to climb on the potty fully clothed...hehe

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