Waking up screaming bloody murder??

Tina - posted on 11/15/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm new on here, and i am in need of any advice or ideas on this. I will give a little bit of background info to start off with. I'm a 24 year old mother living with my fiance and our son Jayden. Jayden will be 1 on the 25th. Jayden was born 4 weeks early, and is deaf in his left ear. He has been wearing a hearing aid since he was 3 months old, and we are working on teaching him some basic baby signs..Since we first brought him home, he has been a happy baby. He's always smiling, and playing. He's never been a crabby cry for no reason kind of baby, and he is very independent.
Now the problem. It all started about 3 weeks ago, and we have no idea why. Jayden will wake up screaming bloody murder, and he won't stop unless we hold him. As soon as we put him down, he crys until we pick him up. During the day, he is fine, he plays with his toys, and he is my independent not needing mom and dad son..It doens't mater if he sleeps in the living room for a nap on the floor, his crib, or our bed, he wakes up screaming. It's anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours into his sleep. Nothing has changed in our home, and he will sleep anywhere else as long as it is not our house.
I am lucky if i sleep 3 hours a night, and it's been to the point that the cops came out to our house because he wouldn't stop crying. We brought him to the doctor, and nothing is wrong..
We are at a loss for ideas, and anything is greatly appreciated.

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What about TV? I have the same problem iwth my 12 mo old son. He is not screaming but he wakes up frequently. 3 hrs is a good strech for me too. I try not to expose him to the TV but still he is fascinated by it. Trying to respond to the cry as quickly as possible might help to,

Kylie - posted on 11/17/2009




If it is happening in his sleep he may be having a nightmare, or nightterror, they aren't common in children this young, but not unheard of. My friends son is 16 months, and does something similar, my son has woken several time in a similar way. I found that I could hold him till he settled, then I would put him back into his cot, and sit beside the cot and hold his hand for a little while until he began to drift back off to sleep. My firend gets her son out of bed and lies with him on her bed or the couch until he goes back to sleep then puts him in his bed, and that works for them.

Jess - posted on 11/16/2009





my daughter dose a very similar thing to this she wakes screaming... but only occasionally. i understand what your saying cos it is horrible sounding blood curduling scream! you would swear something terrible has happened. what i have read and put it down to is they are now becoming so much more aware of the world around them and learing there are bad things (and good) and there are becoming so much more aware of beeing separeted from you! so they are begining to dream vividly of things that may not always be plesant but dont understand it or that they are bot infact real??? maybe this is the problem for your little man? also when they wake your not there causing the seperation feeling. my daughter seems to have gotten better over time only wakeing like this every few weeks (thankfully). all i can say is to maybe make him feel as secure as possible and try to help him though it and hope that it passes... good luck and i hope that it is only a passing faze for you also :o)

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