Is all the girls in this group Democrat?

Democrat 71% (5 votes)

Republican 14% (1 vote)

Other 14% (1 vote)

7 Total Votes

do you think its better for a singlemom to rent or own a home?

rent, saving like that is almost impossible for one person 3% (3 votes)

own a home,thats the american dream why not spend on a home 4% (4 votes)

rent,because if you fall behind on bills not much would be lost 4% (4 votes)

own a home, children need stability,not apratments 14% (13 votes)

i think both are good either way kids have a home 74% (68 votes)

92 Total Votes

Are you taking care of yourself?

Yes, I meditate 1% (1 vote)

Yes, I have positive people in my life 22% (17 votes)

Yes 35% (27 votes)

I need to get busy to correct this. 42% (33 votes)

78 Total Votes

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