I can tell already you mamas ROCK cus you like Obama!

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Hi, My name is Gladys. I am mom, grandma and wanna be blogger. I wasn't going to pick a group til I seen this one! Obama 2012 yeah!


Karla - posted on 06/08/2012




Welcome Gladys! I'm afraid the group is kind of quiet lately, but perhaps if you share some of your thoughts from time to time it will help revitalize the group.

I'm kind of worried about this election. There is so much hate out there for Obama, and it all seems to be based on exaggerated reports such as "Obamacare" being socialized medicine, or that he's Muslim - both so ridiculous that they're laughable.

The recent news that last month Romney's campaign raised more money then Obama's campaign has me even more concerned because stats show the candidate with the most money is the one that generally get elected.

I am very hopeful though that Obama will win!

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