Just a little confused

Victorya - posted on 10/11/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




This is Obama Mamas.... I thought it would be a blog about womens veiws on Obama etc...
I discovered it is mostly not anything to do with that.

Am I wrong to think this?


Laura - posted on 10/15/2010




I think you are correct in your observation. I am an Obama supporter even though I am disappointed (to date) with his efforts. IMO, he should have taken a much more aggressive stand on some issues, especially after it was clear that Republican leadership had no intentions of working in a bipartisian way. There's my 2 cents for you!

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Karla - posted on 07/28/2011




I know I'm joining the conversation late, but Theresa what do you mean? (I'm trying to remember, is Carl Louisa's boyfriend?)
Can I ask how you handle that? My daughters have noticed some partisanship with their teachers, and they come home and we talk about it. I'm always telling my kids why I have my political beliefs.

It has always amazed me when teachers’ are Republican; partly because I think Democrats are more supportive of education - including supporting the teaching of accurate history and science, etc. And it seems this year with all the state legislators butting heads with teachers’ unions, my assumptions are correct. I also think the Republicans are driving more middle class people towards the Democrats.

Theresa - posted on 11/19/2010




There would've been bi-partisanship had Obama and Pelosi not had all those closed door meetings with the Dems to keep the Repubs out. I do not care for how our children are being indoctorinated in schools. The way my oldest son speaks of politics, he has earned the name "Carl", from the musical, "The Sound of Music". That's my two cents!

Brenda - posted on 11/15/2010




I like Obama, I think he is trying his best, lets dont forget that He is more the face of the U.S.A. rather than the decision maker, I think that for every law or circumstance he'd like to change he still needs to get votes from his board members,councils, secretaries, bla bla, so I trust he has a lot of smart ideas, I just dont think he really has the support at the white house as we wish, I honestly would love to say; Everybody he is the president, if he says the White house is going to be pink, the White house will be pink, and if you dont like it the run for president and re-paint it white when you win! lol but unfortunatelly we no can, and he still gotta play fair, give the chance to vote and speak to everybody, thats exactly why he is a Democrat!

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I agree with you Laura. I voted for Obama and have been disappointed too by the slow political process. My disappointment is my fault though. I thought Obama was much more progressive and radical than he actually is. As much as I want bi-partisan politics to reign in Washington, I wanted Obama to "shake things up" and remove the stronghold that mobilized against him via the Republican Party/Tea Party. It doesn't help that members of the Democratic Party don't defend him or communicate effectively how the American people benefit from Obama's policies.

However, he still has two years to make some more changes. I still believe in him! Hope you enjoy the list I found. It lists Obama's accomplishments since he took office. It shows his heart and mind are in the right place (even if I wouldn't cateforize some of them as accomplishments).

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