Obstetric Cholestasis : Itchy Moms

Obstetric cholestasis is a serious condition in which your bile acid levels are so high that they cause extreme itching (that cannot be helped with benadryl, lotions, or other anti-itch remedies) and put the lifeof your baby at risk. There is not much known about this disease, but medication is available to help control the bile acid levels and non-stress tests are performed on a regular basis. If you think you might have this you should learn more about it by visiting the website www.itchymoms.com


no gallbladder for next time

Does anyone know if I will still get obstetric cholestasis in future pregnancies now that my gallbladder is out. Is there any correlation? I had it in my first pregnancy and...


How did you have your baby?

I have just found out at 29 weeks pregnant, with my second baby that I have obstetric cholesatsis. I am on medication for it and have to go up hospital twice a week for checks...


nomore worrys!

i had my little boy on the 29th of december after getting induced on the 28th. all is well and baby is perfect.sooo happy i have nouthin 2 worry about now.thanks every1 4 all ur...



i have been prescribed vit k but it says in the leflet not to take if you are in your 3rd trimester as it can cause the baby to stop developing and cause tissue damage.i didnt...



Hi everyone. My cholestasis story: I probably had it with both, but was actually diagnosed with my second. Had her March 25 this year. Had non-stress tests twice a week and had...



Well, just wanted to say hi to anyone who should join. I suffered through this with my last pregnancy and than my sister suffered through it as well, with hers. With were both...