Mood Swings?

Nicole - posted on 01/22/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Is it normal for 6 yr olds to have such mood swings? Its like a light switch....he is fine the next minute ranting or even crying.
Oh don't forget his frustration and fear he can't do something. He is my sensitive one who tends to cry and thinks it will help. A good example is not being able to do something the first time even though he has a done it a dozen times before.

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Michele - posted on 07/05/2010




My six year old is the same way! He gets more emotional when he is tired, but still can go off at any minute. I have found that letting him be for a minute, then talking to him about it and walking him through the steps one at a time til we figure it out, works very well. Or being funny. That often works too. I know he will outgrow this, just thought he already would by now. Especially the meltdowns.

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