if your child has difficulty pronounceinq her ch and sh is it possible she NEEDS speech?


Amanda - posted on 04/21/2012




Possible, you can request that the school test your child. Some children just have more difficulty... if they are a little younger than the other kids their age. However, early interventions are best. I would call the local school and ask what they recommend, or a head start, etc.


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my daughter has the same problem and i had her pre k evaluate her with a speech therapist and they said she actually scored higher than most kids her age that at the age she is her mouth is not big enough to properally form the shape it needs to be to pronounce those sounds. hope this helped:)

Lesley - posted on 08/01/2011




At age 3 no. My son was just dismisse from speech therapy,where he was working on, and mastered his s and f sounds. They did not go on because they were not developmentally appropriate goals. Don't quote me, but I do not think that ch and sh sounds become a concern to age 5. However, if you have a concern, talk to your pediatrician. He or she will write a referral for a speech evaluation. The speech pathologist will determine if speech goals are needed.

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If you can, go to your local HeadStart and see if they have a speech pathologist who can evaluate your child for free. Check with the preschools or education agency/center if you have one. If your child is 3, they usually need a little extra help, but not much. My oldest children (5 and 3) both had problems with ar, er, ir, or, ur in the middle of words. My oldest eventually grew out of it. My second oldest is now growing out of it, but sometimes needs a little extra help.

Kelly - posted on 05/17/2011




It depends how old the child is. My brother had to go to a speech pathologist because he was getting close to starting school and he was stuttering and having alot of trouble pronouncing alot of words. He was still calling me "telly" and saying things like "hoptercopter", and butterbike, and the doonies insted of the goonies. It only took 2 sessions and he was fine.

Belinda - posted on 05/17/2011




It depends on what age your child is and whether there is an underlying problem or not. If you or your doctor is concerned about it then a speech therapy evaluation can help to either identify a problem or set your mind at ease.

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