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HI my name is Kayla and My son was born on the 19th of October. I am so proud of him because he can identify his colors, say his abc's and numbers, and knows all of his animals and what sounds they make. I want to teach him more though, I was wandering if anyone has tryed the "My Baby Can Read" Series of books and if they had good results. Thank you

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Sherry - posted on 04/07/2010




i am using the my baby can read series, it is worth the 2 year old loves it and it really works...u have to work it though but dont force it just have fun with it...its well worth all the time u put into it....

Elizabeth - posted on 04/03/2010




Your son has the same birthday as my son! :-)

I haven't tried that particular series, but we are working on letter identification and reading right now., So far my son has learned to ID all the upper-case letters, go from left to right when spelling out a word, and knows a few sound-spelling relationships. The best tool I've used is a simple set of alphabet blocks. We sit at the table and play the "spelling game" for fifteen minutes or so, three or four times a week. We mostly spell short words for things he likes, that are familiar to him.

I just checked out "Phonics from A to Z, a Practical Guide" by Wiley Blevins from the library. It has a lot of games and ideas.

We are going to start "the writing game" soon, because according to the book, writing practice is a great way for kids to get solid on letter identification. I just posted a blog entry of rhymes that I composed to help my son with writing letters, here it is in case you are interested:



Catherine - posted on 03/30/2010




No I havent tried the Your Baby Can Read cirriculum but what you're doing right now is just as good. My 2 y/o also knows most of his numbers, letters and some animals. I also teach him sign language bc he is trying to talk but is having a hard time pronouncing it so we sign. Its so much easier!! Sorry i'm not much more help.

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