October 2008 Babies

A place for moms of babies born in October 2008 to swap stories and ask each other for advice. Post pictures of your child and make the community and friendly one for all moms of October 2008 babies to enjoy!


hardened breast

I noticed tonight that my right breast is quite hard and tender. Is this mastitis? Of course I will call the clinic tomorrow, but I'm freaking out tonight that it's going to...



Hello everyone. My name is Lyla. I have a son, Carter, who was due November 15 but was born October 18. He is doing well and I am adjusting to having two children. I hope you...


Hello there

My October 2008 baby has arrived~ He was born on October 3rd. His name is Tyson Chance and he weighed 6 lbs 10 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. To introduce myself... My name...


time scedule

My daughter is 5 weeks old, I want to start putting her on a time scedule where she sleeps at least some of the night and up during the day. Is it possible to start at this age?...


Born on October 17

Can you believe it. Child number 3 and I'm already in my pre-pregnancy clothes. Shirts don't fit, but larger breasts for me are not a big problem. It's whn the nursing stops...


Baby boy born 10-15-08

Hello. I am a first time mom of a boy born this October. He was 9lbs 3.4 oz at birth. At his two week check up he weighed 10lbs 1oz. He wants to eat all of the time. His doc...


Thanks for inviting me.

I had a baby girl Olivia on the 13th October she was 8 days late. I also have a 2 1/2 year old who is not coping very well with having a new baby sister. Olivia is a settled...



My beautiful son born October 14 2008, has yet to once sleep on his own in his own bed!! He cries either the minute we put him down or not long after....anyone else with same...



my 3wk old seems to be feeding more than is recommended, she is having between 8-12 feeds in 24hrs of 4oz each time, is this normal or should i be limiting what i give her? x


Just born about 2 weeks ago

My little Kaiya came on the 26th of October after being considered due on the 14th of October. She is my 2nd child; I have a 21 month old son. It was almost as long a labor as...

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Isabela Katarina

Hello! I'm a new mommy. I just had my first child on Oct. 6, a beautiful baby girl. It's a bit overwhelming, let me tell you. But I am so glad to have her in my life. I go...



I just had my baby on the 24th of october. I don't know how much time I'll actually have to get on here but it's a cool idea!


New baby

Had a son Oct. 21st, 8:50 p.m..... he is my first, and i love him so much!!



My sweet baby boy was born October 8th :) he's great. He sleeps through most of the night. I love being a mom. I'm dreading going back to work :(


First time mommie!

I am a first time mom to an adorable baby boy born on Oct 8, 2008. He is so amusing and funny already! He can roll over, hold his head up, push himself up, and he gets so...



Hi My name is Christina Watts and I have two boys! David was born last july and Joshua was born the 1st of October! They are my world. I am a stay at home mom. Things have been...

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