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for those who let there baby's eat what they are eating....

Latoya - posted on 06/21/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




My 8 month old little girl is now eating stage 3 foods and I occasionally prepare fresh foods for her for breakfast and lunch, but i have never given her what we eat for dinner. Tonight were having pasta, string beans and bbq chicken. I know shell do just fine with the pasta and veggies and chicken (chopped and grinded a bit of course) but im a little iffy about the bbq part of the chicken. Is having bbq at this age dangerous? or should I just keep it plain? what do you ladies think?


Michelle - posted on 06/30/2009




Ionly fed my little guy gerber for like a month. For the last 3 months he has gotten everything we eat with a few exceptions. He just ate BBQ chicken the other day and had no problems.


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Alana - posted on 07/03/2009




my daughter has eat what we eat 4 about 4 mnths n nothing has hurt her so id say give ur kid what they want they will soon let u know if they dnt want it x

Nicole - posted on 07/02/2009




my baby like curry. random, I know. I don't give her wheat products but I feed her pretty much anything else I eat. Chicken is a pretty mild meat so I'd say go for it.

Jessica - posted on 06/27/2009




I've been blending/chopping a 'plate' of our own food for my daughter for about a month now. I just make sure I set hers aside if I add salt to dinner. One kitchen gadget I found I can't live without is the Magic Bullet mini blender. I can just toss in her portion and blend it up while everyone sits down (when we get a chance to, that is!). I personally think it will improve her food tastes if she eats what you eat now, rather than later.

Tara - posted on 06/25/2009




It is perfectly fine as they won't eat a whole lot of it anyhow. I have been doing this with my 8 1/2 month old for a couple weeks now, just to give him a taste. I have read as well that it is good to introduce different things as well and like anything, in moderation and slow so you can see if they react bad to it!! The goal from here on up is to have them eating what we eat!

Kat - posted on 06/25/2009




I'm at the stage now where I'm offering my daughter a taste of most anything (with a few exceptions). I think go for it. Just make sure the chicken is cooked right through - i'm sure that's not news to you......

Hope - posted on 06/23/2009




so my baby loves to eat what i am eating, and i do not hold back on the spice. one of her favs. is rst. red pepper with saute onions. the more flavors they like young the more they will eat latter. i also feed her bbq and she gets the sauce and loves it. she uses cinnamon like most kids use ranch. she wants it on every thing. I am a chef and my worst nightmare is a picky eater. and so far SHE LOVES ALL FOOD!

Sara - posted on 06/22/2009




I think you wouldn't hurt her to give her a little bit. My baby book says that they need to get used to the way you cook and prepare food, so not to worry about spice (except, of course, you don't want to give them something too spicy).

Rebecca - posted on 06/22/2009




yes you should definatly watch the salt content but like katie said if its grilled chicken it sholud be fine

Katie - posted on 06/21/2009




If it is grilled chicken with bbq sauce I wouldn't worry about it. If it is shredded chicken with bbq sauce, I'd pull hers off before the sauce is added (the difference being how much bbq sauce is on the chicken).

I agree with Lisa that most food is fine, but in the US our food tends to have too much salt and sugar, which bbq sauce has both.

ABIGAEL - posted on 06/21/2009




I have a 8 month old daughter and she's doing great with grown up food. Though i was very careful of introducing her some grown up foods. I started (6 mos) with bland foods like rice, noodles, bread. Then well-cooked veggies and meat. But I limit the amount of salt. Food with a lot natural flavors. Just introduce your little one with new foods in small quantities so you can watch out for food allergies. By the way my daughter just had her first bbq yesterday, i scrape the sauce and gave her the chicken.

Minnie - posted on 06/21/2009




Infants in cultures that traditionally eat spicey foods, say, India, move straight from mother's milk to what the rest of the family eats.

Barbecue sauce is fine.

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