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My name is Stacey Lambert,
Baby: Kaley June was born October 14th, 2009. W 8lb15oz, L 54cm. Berwick Hospital, Fantastic stay, Midwives were priceless!

Current weight: 14.5lb and 64.5cm. She is a ball of fun, developing alot, working on the rolling, tummy time.

Sleeping: Sleeping through the night since 3 months. The last few nights she's waking around 3am, grunting and groaning and talking heaps.
I keep getting up and popping in the dummy, should I, or just ignore her?

Feeding: Fully breast fed, approx 5 feeds in a 24 hour period, which is expected at this age. The last feed around 9.30 - 10pm....is this enough?

Does anyone have the same issues...please share your veiws :-)


Vanessa - posted on 02/16/2010




Hi there,

My daughter was born on 24th of October.

She sleeps through to 7:00am after for 10:30 Dreamfeed. I wake her every morning at 7:00am and we start the day.

As for the dummy - you really want to know? I'd say no. She needs to learn to self settle - a very handy skills she will need to do anyway so it may be a tricky time but worth it. I was fine with giving Lexie the dummy before 6 weeks but then got her to go cold turkey in a day and now she self settles - LOVE IT.

On the feeding thing - We do a Breastfeed @ 7:00am / 11:00am / 3:00pm / 6:30pm and then a Dreamfeed bottle at 10:30pm. You'll only know it's enough if you get lots of nappy's and putting on weight and it sounds like she is just perfect!

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Stacey - posted on 02/17/2010




Thanks Van, your routine helps confirm our routines. I tried the bed at 7pm, dream feed at 10ish...(dark room, no stimulation ect..) but Kals would fully wake up, wen I put her back down at 11.30ishh she'd take an hour to settle..she would chitty chatter ect...so it became after 12...and i had little sleep. so now she has her last nap at 6.30ishh, we wake her at 8.30, bath, book, bed by 9.30pm...she sleep till 7am :-) and Mum and Dad get a full nights sleep.

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