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Violet - posted on 03/10/2011 ( 14 moms have responded )




OK, I am having (as far as I know for sure) baby #2. I feel like I am having baby #2 and 3 though. I was wondering is it tacky to have another baby shower? If not, is it tacky for me and my husband to throw it? If it is tacky is there something we can do to help us out a bit?


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Nicky - posted on 06/13/2011




some people do, where i live it would be weird to go to someones baby shower that has had more than 1 child, of course the situation would depend, if ages are very different e.g 10 yrs, or new baby to new marriage, etc.... perhaps, but generally a shower is to help set you up for a new baby, and if you have had babies beforehand, you generally have the stuff already.
maybe you could have one but call it something different?
im having a blessingway this time, its a day out for the girls, pamper day, nothing major, no presents expected, just a day of fun before the big day

Katrina - posted on 04/11/2011




I am pregnant with baby #3 and we will be doing a shower, but if it is a girl then we will just do a diaper shower so we can get some diapers but if it is a boy we will do a full baby shower. This is the first baby that we have had near family. My first 2 were born in GA and all our family lives in CO, this time we are stationed in CO so our families want to throw one for us.

Schyla - posted on 04/10/2011




When I had baby number 2 we didn't have a shower because she was the same gender as Our oldest but baby number three was a Boy and we had a shower that we threw for ourselfs it was more of a open house type thing where people came and went and we didn't ask for gifts although we got a bunch anyway so don't call it a shower and have a party to celebrate the birth of your little one nothing wrong with that at all

Esther - posted on 04/10/2011




yeah a lot o fpeople in my family think your greedy for throwing a baby shower after baby #1. i never had a shower with my first baby from previous relationship. so when i got pregro with my husbands first child his dad side threw baby shower after he was born. i got pregnant 2 years later with baby #2 my mil threw me and my brother in law and 2 cousins a babyshower before we all delivered some family didnt come they didnt want to bring a gift. i think with next baby after he or she is born we are going to pick a day for the whole family can come over to welcome the baby home and celebrate

Angie - posted on 04/05/2011




I don't think it's tacky. I think it is a little uncommon, but I think it's a nice thing to do, especially if your second baby is a different sex than the first. My friend and I are throwing my other friend a baby shower for her second kid. She wanted something very low key b/c she wasn't too comfortable w/ the idea. We are waiting until after the baby is born to focus on celebrating the baby's birth. If people want to bring gifts, great, but it's not required.

Rebekah - posted on 03/26/2011




I did not have a baby shower for my 2nd. My mom offered to throw me one (b/c my first was a boy and 2nd was a girl), but we just never came together to plan one. It worked out though b/c people that came to visit me in the hospital, or to visit the baby, brought clothes and diapers.

In my area, the general rule is that it's okay to throw a second child shower if there is a large gap between children, or if the second child is a different sex. So, I think it would certainly be acceptable if the sex of your 2nd is different from your first.

Samantha - posted on 03/25/2011




im having my second and im doing all the work for my baby shower but that is because i need to do something to keep me busy. if i have another boy im going to call it a diaper party though because i still have a lot of stuff i can reuse from my first but im still doing registries because there are somethings i need no matter what im having. baby showers are supposed to be all about your new addition so do what you want to celebrate your new little one :).

Kellie - posted on 03/13/2011




im also having baby number two:) my aunt is throwing me a baby shower. but maybe you could do a diaper shower that is what my aunt did with her 2ed baby. her and her husband did their own baby shower or should i say diaper shower for baby 2. i do not think its tacky at all. if i did not have family around i would throw my own lol

Sarah - posted on 03/13/2011




its not common to have one in the uk.
i never had one, but we threw my sister a suprise one.
my big sis invented the game pin the sperm on the egg. lmaao.
she's said if i have another she'll do me one.
so looks like i'm getting my shower :) x

Violet - posted on 03/11/2011




I had a similar experience but it was with my MAID OF HONOR! She was supposed to throw the bridal shower and it was HELL! Then she was going to decorate for my wedding AND do my baby shower. She told me a FEW DAYS before my wedding that she was not doing it and then told me about my baby shower. I was already 5 months pregnant so I was not happy AT ALL! So as you can see, my "friends" are not reliable. I guess I will just throw my own dang baby shower. Screw what other people think. I don't like my MIL that much so..I will just do it LOL

Cassandra - posted on 03/10/2011




Hi Violet!
I had a baby shower with my 2nd boy so all I asked for was diapers and new nipples for the bottles I already had and gift cards were always appreciated. I actually threw both of my own baby showers because my family is older and my MIL can not be trusted with the duty, as I learned from my bridal shower! She waited until a week before the shower to send out the invitations and so most of my family and all friends were not able to make it on such short notice and then she invited my future sister-in law's (by marriage) sister that they tried to hook up with my fiance a few months before we met. UGH! Anyway sorry for the rant! I don't think it's tacky at all when you cant depend on anyone but yourself ! The only thing is coming up with different games! I have already decided that if this is a girl I will have a third baby shower but if it's a boy then i don't want to go through the extra stress! Good luck and sorry again for the rant!

Bre - posted on 03/10/2011




Darn! I wish we lived closer! I would love to help you out! The husband will do just fine im sure. I know what you mean about no true friends.... Ill probably be organizing my bby shower also! we can help eachother out and be supportive through the internet! haha :)

Violet - posted on 03/10/2011




Unfortunatly I do not have many people who would or want to give me a baby shower because they are not true friends. I have a brother and he is in Texas. I am in California LOL

Bre - posted on 03/10/2011




Congrats mommy!

Im also pregnant with baby #2...

I think it would be fine to have another baby shower. Im probably going to have one for my 2nd child. My sister actually had one for all 3 of her kids...

If you want to do it... then do it :)

baby showers are a time to celebrate your little one comming into the world. there is nothing ''tacky'' about having 2 baby showers. Do you have a female family member like aunt or sister that could help out with bby shower? although your husband may want to help with the bby shower...sometimes girls are more fun to work with in the bby shower business getting decorations and baking done!

I wish the best to you and your little one

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