Baby talk.... seriously???

Kristy - posted on 03/07/2011 ( 53 moms have responded )




So Im in the grocery store with my 1 y/o son and I hear a woman talking "baby talk" to a child, I turn smiling, expecting to see a newborn (were trying for another so I love to see newborns and think about my little guy when he was so small) but instead of an adorable little baby, I see a child who was probably older than my son (dont get me started on the binky that was in his mouth!) Needless to say the smile wiped off (and apparently I had a judgemental look on my face) because the woman flipped out on me!! (Honestly if I had a "woman what is wrong with you" look on my face, I didnt mean to show it.... Only think it!) I ended up walking away from the crazy lady throwing a fit in the middle of the aisle running her mouth about "how everyone does it" and "how dare I judge her" (keep in mind, I never even said a word! Nor would I have said anything since I had my son with me, and to act like that in front of children honestly says alot about someone.)

Personally, yeah I slipped up every now and again when my son was a newborn, who hasnt? But my son (who turned 1 only a couple of weeks ago) has a vocabulary of roughly 30 words, about 20 of them he uses on a DAILY basis... Am I proud, of course! Because I encourage him to talk instead of trying to talk down to him! Plus it helps to be able to understand a child when they dont have a pacifier stuck in their mouths and are trying to talk at the same time.... (Can you tell my son doesnt have a binky?) :-)

All in all, what is yall's take on "baby talk?"

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Jodi - posted on 03/07/2011




Do you mean baby talk as in "hoos da liddle bubba" kind of baby talk? Not talking in any words you can understand baby talk? Nope, never done. I've used a different tone to baby talk, but with real words.

Tah - posted on 03/07/2011




we are the first teachers, i talk to my children in an adult voice from the time they are born for the most part. their development in language depends on it. my mom talks to everyones baby i mean from the time they come home, and i promis you that babies hear her voice and turn their head towards it smiling. all 15(one had passed) of her grandchildren, family members and friends. i don;t do, it. if someone else does fine. i also don't use pacifiers, just never have, my parent never used them and it just trickled down to us and if one came in the house my mom took we comforted the baby other ways. not judging, just explaining my take on it.

Kate CP - posted on 03/07/2011




I don't even baby talk to babies. It hinders their language development.

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